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DAZN brings cutting edge 4k-like coverage to Serie A

DAZN brings cutting edge 4k-like coverage to Serie A

Over the past couple of years, a majority of football fans have made the switch from televisions to OTT platforms online to stream matches of their favourite teams. With more games now available online at affordable prices, fans have flocked to sites such as DAZN to watch Europe’s best games.

The latter is a subscription-based video streaming service which was initially launched in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Japan in 2016. By 2020, they have expanded in Europe and announced plans to stream football and other sports in over 200 countries.

DAZN supports streaming on personal computers, as well as mobile apps on Android and iOS, digital media players and smart TVs, and video game consoles. But 2018 was pivotal for football fans as the platform obtained exclusive rights to over 144 Serie A fixtures to be streamed in Italy.

Fast-forward to 2022, fans have been able to stream Serie A games from almost anywhere in the world at low prices in comparison to major TV channels. Having already established a strong operating base with football fans, DAZN recently started streaming games with high-quality coverage.

During the weekend’s round of Serie A fixtures such as AC Milan-Fiorentina and Juventus-Venezia, fans have spotted the use of 4K quality camera coverage for these matches.

Although the main camera used looks to be standard, those used for side-line coverage seem to be brand new and look to be offering improved quality. From images on Twitter, players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Dusan Vlahovic as well as AC Milan director Paolo Maldini can be seen in almost life-like quality on screens from the sidelines.

With the sudden addition, fans have been quick to make comparisons with the coverage of La Liga games where the Spanish League has been using 4K quality side-line cameras for the past few years.

While fans of both La Liga and Serie A have been enjoying this improved quality, Premier League supporters now seem to be wanting this included even for their own league which is considerably richer in resources than the former two.

By offering such grander viewing solutions to football fans, streaming services such as DAZN look to be the way forward for all fans of European football.