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Norwich City delete awful Pride Month tweet after backlash

Norwich City delete awful Pride Month tweet after backlash

In recent years, the Football World has broadened its dimensions, and now actively welcomes inclusivity in all forms. The approach to homosexuality in football has seen a positive change, although there’s still a long way to go. Clubs and Leagues continue to take steps and promote the LGBTQ community, and they did so again on the occasion of Pride Month. 

Recently demoted side, Norwich City, were among those who took the initiative. 

However, their efforts have led to plenty of controversies, as they created a rather distasteful mural. 

The mural dubbed ‘The Price Wall’ was shared by the club in a tweet, which has now been deleted due to the backlash. The Mural depicted a number of homophobic slurs drawn and spread about like graffiti. 

Some of these were left in their entirety, while others contained punctuation marks instead of letters. The image was paired with a caption that read “This language is not okay and never will be.”

This was followed up by multiple videos, with the wall in full view, and the mural was even labelled as a ‘Masterpiece’ in one of them. 

Fans found the wall to be extremely out of touch and pointed out that no one needs a reminder of derogatory terms, especially if inclusivity is being promoted. The terminology on display came under fire as well, as some archaic slurs were put up for all to see. 

Users online were puzzled as to how the artwork was sanctioned and cleared by club officials, even Proud Canaries, an LGBTQ+ Norwich fan group, refused to take part and condemned the mural through a statement

Fortunately, the club have realized their errors, and the tweets have now been deleted.