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What Erling Haaland Would Look Like If He Entered a WWE Arena

What Erling Haaland Would Look Like If He Entered a WWE Arena

With a new job, a new city, and a new team, Erling Haaland’s life has taken a turn for the better. The ex-Dortmund star now has fresh adventures to look forward to with Manchester City and especially under the watchful protection of Pep Guardiola, the Norwegian can strive for nothing but greatness.  

The chance for Haaland to showcase his worth arrived in the pre-season friendly against German heavyweights Bayern Munich. And the 22-year-old forward didn’t disappoint. He scored the only goal in the match and led the Cityzens to victory. ‘

But a short prologue before the match shows Haaland walking in the stadium with the fans chanting his name. He looks like a warrior with no remorse or someone who is on his way to fight or collect his dues. 

The fans were quick to notice his cold expressionless face and one added the sound of a commentator announcing the arrival of a WWE superstar. Here, as Haaland was walking by, we can hear the commentator introducing the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge at the biggest WWE event — WrestleMania.

Although Haaland addressed the fans by waving at them, he hardly seem moved by the reception. He looked like a man on a mission who would stop at nothing until he’s torn his opponent off to pieces. The Norwegian was compared to Thor, who is walking the face of the Earth without his hammer. 

There were also excerpts from ancient history comparing Haaland to a Viking who, after destroying Germany, is out to conquer the land of England.  

And when in the pursuit of taking England by scoring innumerable goals, Haaland was also asked to copy a celebration from a WWE star. Apart from all the comparisons, the ones with the wrestling superstars are hard to shake your mind.  

Haaland fans even dragged Kylian Mbappe to the mud and posted him as a Citroen sales agent while mentioning that the Norwegian looks like he’s about to enter the ring to fight a ruthless battle. The Haaland fanboys had turned their idol into a god-like figure who could do no wrong. 

Such has been Haaland’s persona that it compels fans to treat him as a player who can dominate whenever he’s on or off the pitch. For now, Haaland awaits his first Premier League game for the Cityzens.