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Reece James Shares Early Look At New Tattoo Dedicated to Slain Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Reece James Shares Early Look At New Tattoo Dedicated to Slain Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Chelsea star Reece James is already viewed as one of the best fullbacks in the Premier League currently. And with every passing game, the England international continues to stake a claim among the very best in the world. 

The 22-year-old caught everyone’s eye once again, as he put on a MOTM display against rivals Tottenham Hotspur, one in which he also grabbed a goal. 

Known for his incredible strength, pace and crossing abilities, James has often been viewed as a young talent on the cusp of greatness. 

However, it seems as if the wingback is prepared to properly spread his wings this season, as denoted by a recent social media post from the player. 

The Cobham graduate took to Instagram and Twitter to share a picture showing off his killer chest tattoo and ripped physique. Judging by the gym equipment in the background, the picture was likely captured after an intense workout, which ties in perfectly with his choice of caption ‘Hungrier than ever.’ 

As if the fullback didn’t carry enough of a swagger already, his driven demeanour is sold further by the eye-catching tattoo. 

The body ink appears to be a crucifix rising alongside a pair of intricately designed wings, with some impressive details on the feathers. The torso tattoo joins the body ink he got commemorating his UCL achievement, and by the looks of it, the fullback isn’t stopping there. 

In a recent Instagram story, James shared an early look at a tattoo under construction, one which reads ‘I just didn’t quit’. Two checkered flags are also visible, with the letters ‘The’ and ‘Ma’ drawn underneath.

Judging by what’s on display, the ink may be a reference to Hip Hop legend Nipsey Hussle, and ‘The Marathon Continues’ movement which was closely associated with him.

Nevertheless, this can only be confirmed after receiving a proper look, which fans are eagerly looking forward to. 

Update – Here’s the tattoo in its entirety.