Borussia Dortmund React to Theory That Leo DiCaprio Only Dates U25s

Plenty has occurred in the Football World during the past couple of days, from the conclusion of Gameweek 5 in the Premier League to the always exhilarating scramble that is deadline day, there certainly have been no shortage of discussion points. 

Yet, Footy fans on Twitter opted to concern themselves with a celebrity’s love life, a crossover you simply couldn’t have expected. 

It all began when the news popped up of Leonardo DiCaprio’s supposed breakup with partner Camila Morrone.

The pair had been together since 2017, and have seemingly broken up right after the actress turned 25. 

Users on Twitter quickly connected the dots and rehashed a popular theory that states that the Iconic actor simply refuses to date a person over 25. And going by the data, it’s honestly difficult to dismiss the idea. 

Prior to Morrone, the actor dated Nina Agdal and they split up the year she turned 25.

Before her, Leo’s partner was Kelly Rohrbach, and to nobody’s surprise, their split also occurred right after she turned 25. 

The pattern is real folks, DiCaprio evidently has an age limit. 

Naturally, the latest breakup went viral globally, becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

And out of nowhere, Football Twitter decided to chime in, and they did so by finding a bit of relatability in the situation.

Fans online drew parallels between the actor and a Football Sporting Director, as both often have a tendency to shy away from an individual over the age of 25. 

If you aren’t a world-beater by 25, the possibility of being chucked in the bin by the man in charge of transfers becomes a real possibility. 

Leo’s methods are also awfully similar to those of managers on FM, who are quick to discard anyone over 25, as a player is no longer a ‘prospect’ by then. 

And purchasing a player beyond the age limit is simply not an option, as users are already expecting a decline in performance. 

In some ways, this is true for football fans in general as well. 

While a 21-year-old starlet will get the hype going, transferring in a player over 25 is often met with reluctance, as fans pose the question ‘How many good years does he have left?’ 

Perhaps the actor ponders that very question as well.

Even Borussia Dortmund joined the discourse and stated the only reason why DiCaprio could never rep the Black and Yellow.