The Height Mismatch Fans Couldn’t Ignore As Bernardo Silva Squared Up To Virgil van Dijk

Manchester City and Liverpool have been the biggest rivalry in the EPL in recent years, even though Liverpool have only won one title compared to City’s five in this era.

That is why whenever the two sides match up, it is a sight to behold. By having some of the best players in the world, it is the most technically skilled match one can watch and it is incredibly pleasing to the eyes. 

Add a few fights and controversies, and you have box-office entertainment.

The two faced each other again over the weekend, with City chasing Arsenal for the top spot while Liverpool needed a good result to kick-start the season.

This time too, there was a fight, but one that was surprising given how absolutely mismatched it was.

Bernardo Silva, the Portuguese winger who plays for Manchester City, is famous for his hatred for Liverpool. 

He refused to give them a guard of honour when they won the league and is often very aggressive whenever he plays them.

Keeping in line with his past behaviour and comments, it was not a surprise when he got into a tussle with Liverpool’s lead defender.

The Portuguese fouled & initially squared with Mohamed Salah before continuing the fight by trying to shove Virgil van Dijk

For anyone who has watched the pair before, you would know why this could be an issue for the petite winger.

Silva’s frame is 5’8”. Van Dijk? A towering wall at 6’4”.

Safe to say, this fight was a no-contest from the get-go for the City winger.

After Silva pushed the Dutch defender, he immediately realised what had happened, and pulled away from him. 

He then, comically, sought cover behind his own wall, the 6’4″ Erling Haaland, while continuing to rile up Van Dijk. Of course, Twitter had a field day with this incident.

At the heart of all jokes was just acknowledging how bizarre the event looked in the first place. Why was Bernardo Silva picking a fight with someone double his height?

Then came the reactions laughing at how Bernardo Silva hid behind Haaland, who was just trying to play some football.

Furthermore, social media is always going to give the funniest analogies and reactions to these incidents by comparing them to things you would’ve never imagined.

A few fans were just concerned about Silva, or even in awe of what he was trying to do.

Liverpool went on to win the game 1-0, leaving City four points off the top and giving themselves a much-needed confidence boost going into a busy November schedule. 

And whatever may happen over the course of the season, one thing is for certain – Twitter will never fail to make us laugh.