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Did Lionel Messi Violate A Mexico Kit In The Dressing Room? Everything You Need To Know

Did Lionel Messi Violate A Mexico Kit In The Dressing Room? Everything You Need To Know

The two-time World champions, Argentina’s fate is still hanging by a thread in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Despite an emphatic and moral victory against Mexico in their second group stage encounter, La Albiceleste still have to beat Poland to reach the knockout stage of the competition. 

Their abysmal start to the World Cup campaign against Saudi Arabia was a wake-up call for a nation that oozes football royalty in the form of Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi

The Argentinians were lucky that their revered number 10 rose to the occasion in the encounter against Mexico and gave them an important victory to keep their chances alive in the competition.

It was truly an emotional moment for the fans and players alike who, after the final whistle, couldn’t help but emote with tears of happiness about the importance of that victory.

The celebrations continued into the dressing room where the Argentinian players sang and danced as if they’d made it to the final.

There is a video that shows their ecstatic state, but amidst all this, there is something else that has caught the imagination of Canelo Alvarez, a world boxing champion from Mexico.

The video displays all the Argentinian players dancing while Messi, who was removing his shoes, seems to have kicked the jersey of Mexico’s national team which is not entirely true. But the 32-year-old boxing champion, Alvarez, is of a different opinion. 

For him, Messi has ridiculed and disrespected Mexico by kicking their jersey and wiping the floor with it.  

This has left Alvarez extremely furious, who has now issued a threat to Messi, telling him that if he sees Messi in person, the footballing legend will face the wrath of his fist. 

Alvarez clearly stated that Messi should respect Mexico just as he respects Argentina. This commotion has the boxer extremely riled up who wants nothing but Messi’s head on a spike. Given that Alvarez has only lost two fights in his career, one can only hope that he calms down soon enough.

But it seems like a hot-headed Alvarez is not seeing the entire picture. Indeed, many fans, including Mexican fans of Messi, had to step in to make Alvarez realize that Messi didn’t humiliate or disrespect Mexico at all. What seems to be a deliberate attempt to ridicule Mexico by the great man is only an accident. 

Messi is only taking his boots off and kicks the Mexican jersey in the process with no foul or harm. 

Others joined in to defend Messi.

Alvarez was also reminded of the time when Messi respectfully and admirably took a picture with a Mexican player, Andres Guardado’s son and exchanged a few playful words with him.

This is a testament to the humility of Messi which Alvarez seems to have ignored.

It looks like Alvarez hasn’t given up on his quest to wind up Messi with a jab, but with the world on the Argentinian’s side, there is hardly anything that Alvarez can do. This grudge won’t last long.