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What If Francis Bourgeois Did Football Instead Of Trains

What If Francis Bourgeois Did Football Instead Of Trains

You’re probably already familiar with Trainspotting sensation Francis Bourgeois, but just in case you aren’t, let us do the honours.

Francis is a 22-year-old London native, who rose to popularity on TikTok by creating content around his passion for locomotives.

Brimming with optimism and excitement, these clips would usually feature Francis sporting a conductor’s outfit and giving his viewer’s a brief tour of some classic trains, all while narrating some interesting trivia.

His passion really resonated with fans, and it propelled him from a humble trainspotter to superstardom.

Aside from earning some mental figures on his socials, Bourgeois’ fame also landed him a modelling gig with Gucci and North Face.

But his prime achievement still remains his very own show with Channel 4, one that even featured Jesse Lingard as a special guest.

Nevertheless, what does this have to do with Footy you ask?

Imagine if Bourgeois’ calm, elaborate, and awkward presentation style was applied to a visit to your local minnows.

It would unquestionably make for an intriguing watch.

And fortunately, comedian Josh Berry thought so too.

Borrowing Bourgeois’ style to perfection, Berry filmed a parodic video doing exactly what we mentioned above: being Francis Bourgeois at a football venue.

Camera at the ready, he headed to Altrincham FC v Southend United FC and went to produce 50 seconds of comedic gold.

All the little details are here, be it the clumsy camera angles, the eerily austere smile, and of course, the overarching dorkiness of it all.

There’s also an emphasis on certain words, the ‘B’ in ‘boozer’ is accentuated, while the n-word (nonce) is dropped out of nowhere.

Then there are all the over-elaborate details, from his scran sliding off the plate to the elation when the ‘naughty salt’ kicks in, it’s very Bourgeois, pun intended.

Actually no, not really.

All this is followed up by pure euphoria as Altrincham manages to clinch a win, with the eerie cam returning for one last time before signing off.

The parody is hilarious throughout, and the incredibly accurate accent ties it all together.

Berry was quite literally ‘Bourgeois at Footy’, and we hope to see more such content.