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How Luton Town Dissed Watford with Epic Matchday Program

How Luton Town Dissed Watford with Epic Matchday Program

Football fans take their rivalries seriously, no matter the level at which the clubs compete.

It’s never just a mere matter of having a preference, instead, these intense rivalries often transcend into a clash of culture and prestige. 

Be it the typically-frosty Merseyside Derby or the hotly-contested Tyne-Wear affair, the clubs on opposing ends absolutely loathe each other. And mutual hate often crosses the boundaries of a Football pitch.

Take the case of Championship outfit Luton Town, who recently took aim at rivals Watford through a devilishly-written matchday program.

The Hatters currently sit 3rd on the table, with their chances of securing a play-off spot looking increasingly likely. In contrast, rivals Watford have fallen all the way down to 11th place, signaling a change in the status quo of both teams.

Hailing from the Southeastern parts of England, both clubs were deemed rivals since their very genesis. And nowadays, games between the pair are called the ‘M1 Derby’.

The rivalry between Luton Town and Watford

Luton and Watford have been bitter competitors for more than a century at this point, with their very first game dating all the way back to 1885. The two sides played each other through numerous eras, including both World Wars, the Premier League era, and Brexit.

In total, Luton and Watford have faced each other on 120 occasions, with the Hatters winning 55 of those meetings, as compared to Watford’s 38.

Their most recent contest came on the 1st of April, as The Hornets traveled to Kenilworth Road for a Championship fixture.

Showcasing their superiority, Luton brushed aside the visitors in a 2-0 victory, although they weren’t done flexing their muscles just yet.

To further rub salt in the Hornet’s wounds, Luton devised a clever plot, and it all came to fruition yesterday.

Luton brutally banter Watford through the matchday program 

The Hatters welcomed Blackpool during their most recent Championship game, and among the amenities afforded to travel fans was a matchday program.

On the face of it, the program appeared to extend a warm welcome to all attendees, although it didn’t long before fans figured out the subtle dig hidden within.

Penned by Luton director Stephen Browne, the program notes revealed a peculiar message after compiling together the first letters of each paragraph: ‘Watford are sh*t’.

As seen in these images, the first letters align perfectly to deliver this message, which essentially eliminates all chances of it being a happy coincidence.

Furthermore, the final paragraphs spell out ‘COYH’ (Come on you Hatters), which will certainly clear any remaining doubts

While some might call the move petty or unnecessary, it’s honestly quite brilliant in our books.

After all, some shithousery never hurt anybody.