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Look: Erling Haaland Brings Man City Colours to a Dolce & Gabbana Party in Italy

Look: Erling Haaland Brings Man City Colours to a Dolce & Gabbana Party in Italy

Erling Haaland doesn’t seem satisfied with just being the best striker in world football, but is now trying to be a style icon with some wacky outfits. The Norwegian striker enjoyed a fantastic debut season with Manchester City and played a key role in their European treble joy.

Indeed, Haaland proved to be the ‘missing piece’ of their puzzle last season. He helped Pep Guardiola’s side achieve perfect by winning the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and FA Cup titles. The 22-year-old scored a whopping 52 goals in 53 appearances and also provided nine assists.

He scored 36 goals in the Premier League, winning the Golden Boot by a country mile. Haaland proved himself well worth the £51 million transfer fee paid by City, and is clearly the next big things in the world of football. He also seems to be enjoying the spotlight on himself and is not shy from promoting his unique sense of fashion.

Erling Haaland debuts Man City-inspired attire in Dolce & Gabbana show

Haaland has been spending his holidays with his girlfriend Isabel, and the two have been visiting quite a few prestigious events. The Norwegian forward recently attended a Dolce & Gabbana show in Italy, alongside many other prominent celebrities.

The 22-year-old forward opted to turn up by representing the colour of the team he won the European Treble with. Indeed, Haaland turned up at the event in an all-sky blue look. He could be seen wearing a sky-blue shirt and pant combo, topped off with a sky blue suit – that has glittering yellow buttons to tie it up.

Weirdly, Haaland decided to wear a pair of slippers to top off the look and some wacky glasses, that appear to be Giorgio Armani ones.

He attended the fashion show event alongside his girlfriend, who wore a gorgeous yellow dress to catch the eye of many photographers.

Haaland meets Kim Kardashian and K-Pop star

In the fashion event, Haaland even became the latest prominent footballer to meet with Kim Kardashian. The American TV star did a European football tour of sorts towards the end of last season and seemed to be delighted to meet the hotshot striker.

There could be a possible reason for Haaland attending the Dolce & Gabanna show too. A few months ago, it was rumored that he was in talks with the Italian brand to become a new model for them – a deal worth around £2 million!

The Norwegian striker also got to meet another celebrity in the form of K-pop star Doyoung in his holidays. Doyoung is a part of the South Korean group NCT, that has released three hit albums so far.

Doyoung isn’t really a big Man City fan himself, but his fellow NCT band member Jungwoo is a supporter of the reigning Premier League champions. So when Doyoung got to meet with Haaland in person, he asked the Norwegian to give a shoutout to his friend.

Even though Haaland doesn’t really seem to be that into NCT or K-pop in general, he decided to give a shoutout to Jungwoo at the behest of Doyoung. In the clip, he can be seen wearing a unique white party t-shirt – which is definitely less extravagant than what he wore in the Dolce & Gabbana show.

The 22-year-old City star was then pictured in the fashion show in another wacky attire. In what seems like night-time pajamas, Haaland donned an all-black attire with white patterns all over it. Haaland really doesn’t seem shy in turning up in public events in unique attires and seems to be bent on normalizing his wacky attires to make himself a fashion icon.