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The Real Reason Why Gavi’s Mom Doesn’t Watch His Games Anymore

The Real Reason Why Gavi’s Mom Doesn’t Watch His Games Anymore

Barcelona’s substitute stadium, Olímpic Lluís Companys, will host La Liga’s first El Clasico this season. As the fixture gets closer and players prepare for the contest, Gavi engaged in a conversation with DAZN ES where they asked him numerous questions.

The Spanish midfielder has had an illustrious career so far. Since breaking into the first team in 2021, he has scored 7 goals and assisted 14 times for the Catalan giants.

His stats might seem shallow, but anyone who watches his games knows that the teenager isn’t about numbers.

The Spaniard has been compared to the likes of Xavi and Iniesta, both of whom created the game instead of just scoring or assisting.

In the interview, Gavi revealed that his mother didn’t watch his games anymore. His style of play is the reason, he says –

My style of play? My mother doesn’t watch the games anymore.

Although Gavi’s on-the-ball play is elegant, there are also physical aspects to his game. The Spanish international’s defending abilities are sometimes scary to watch.

Once in a match against Osasuna, he used his head to defend a ball, which was not even in the air. Later, he ended up with stitches in his ears.

Mothers have a natural tendency to worry about their kids for no reason. Now Gavi has given a reason for his mom to worry about him.

Surely watching a loved one put their life on the line for every match is going to be hard to watch.

In a sport like football, losing a life is very rare, but it still happens. People who aren’t involved with football cannot comprehend the passion that runs through the teenager’s veins.

Don’t get into fights

Gavi’s mum advises.

As mentioned, Gavi is as elegant as Xavi and Iniesta on-the-ball, but off it he lets his passion guide the action.

His dribbling and anticipation are out of this world. Pablo’s game intelligence and awareness only add to his game.

Combine these with first touch, close control and change of pace, we get a spitting image of Xavi and Iniesta.

His defending exploits are very well-known too. In another instance he used the same heading technique against Sevilla.

Ter Stegen passes the ball to Gavi who makes a forward run. Midway he realizes that the ball will be intercepted.

The kid dives sidewards intercepting the ball with his head again. Talk about grit.

Well the midfield maestro has always been like that. It’s just Gavi being Gavi.

In the World Cup game against Morocco while trying to keep the ball up field he went in for a quick interception that didn’t work out.

Ounahi was clearing the ball and Gavi just sprinted into the player and ended up going through his leg as he couldn’t stop.

The Andalusian is either gonna get the ball, if not the player ends up being his target unintentionally.

He respects Real Madrid’s Tchouameni but even the French isn’t exempt form his menacing tackles. Everyone remembers the El Clasico tackle which sent the Madrid star flying.