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All About The Man United Retro Kits IShowSpeed Took to Brazil

All About The Man United Retro Kits IShowSpeed Took to Brazil

IShowSpeed has been on a traveling quest lately.

After visiting massive spots including India, Japan, UAE, Scotland, Portugal, and England, he is now in Brazil showcasing his love for the people, food, and the country’s prime culture-cum-passion- football.

Yet, he did not forget to pack his Manchester United shirt in his suitcase.

Speed took to to upload several highlight photos of his venture. But one among the photo dump has caught the attention of football fans.

Speed was captured posing in front of a colorful graffiti wall in the streets of Brazil. But more than the graphic wall behind, what caught more attention was Speed’s attire.

Speed was featured wearing a Nike Manchester United retro kit.

The one that Speed adorned was the blue away kit from the 2008/09 season that featured their famous AIG sponsor logo. This particular one is bound to trigger some sweet nostalgia among the United fan base.

It was a much simpler time with Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm in Old Trafford. That season, Manchester United went on to win their 11th Premier League title, making it the only club to have won the English league title three times in a row twice.

They also went on to lift the Club World Cup that year and reached the Champions League finals, only to lose against the formidable Barcelona under a certain Pep Guardiola.

So, this kit has been one of the iconic jerseys associated with the club. Moreover, the jersey that Speed wore also had ‘Ronaldo’ and ’07’ printed on the back. Big surprise, eh?

Apparently, that was not the only Manchester United shirt in his luggage.

In this trip to Brazil, Speed was also spotted at a training session for the Brazilian national soccer team with a fellow digital influencer and content creator, Luva De Pedreiro. The streamer uploaded a photo of himself and Brazil’s next most promising teenager- Endrick.

And guess what Speed wore to meet the Real Madrid youngster? Of course, a Manchester United shirt.

But this was a different one. This was not a match kit but a polo-collared Manchester United shirt in grey. What made this Nike shirt special was the iconic featured sponsor logo of Vodafone.

Vodafone sponsored Manchester United from 2000 to 2006, one of the most cherished periods as a Manchester United fan.

He paired it with the similarly colored Manchester United joggers from Nike that completed the ensemble and paired it with bi-colored Yeezy. Only Speed could have pulled off this combination.

Recently, there’s an upward trend of wearing the retro kit. It is something about the nostalgia mixed with a classy vibe that just adds up beautifully.

Many famous celebrities have been featured wearing retro kits, with names like Kanye West wearing a Portsmouth 1996/97 jersey, Snoop Dogg performing in a 2010 Norwich jersey, and Carlos Alcaraz being captured donning an Arsenal classic 1990s red-white retro shirt. Speed has now been added to that list as well.

But nobody can be insane enough like Speed to wear the Manchester United 2022/23 home kit underneath his suit during his prom date night and live streaming all about it. That’s just crazy.