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Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Leandro Trossard’s Puffy Eyes: Is He Sleep Deprived?

Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Leandro Trossard’s Puffy Eyes: Is He Sleep Deprived?

Leandro Trossard probably boasts the most unique set of facial features in the Arsenal squad. The only Belgian player in the team, he not only brings a distinctive quality on the pitch, but also the same in terms of his appearance.

At 5’8’, Trossard is among the shorter guys on the Arsenal roster. But he doesn’t let that be an issue at all, causing havoc to opponents in the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. The 29-year-old is enjoying a prolific season, having scored 11 goals in 34 appearances and proving to be a solid squad player.

With that being said, something particular about his facial features appear to be worrying some Gooners. Trossard is quite the stylish person and someone who loves changing his hairstyle often too. But something that stands out from his appearance are his puffy eyes.

What Have Fans Noticed About Leandro Trossard’s Eyes?

Trossard’s eyes have attracted a sense of intrigue among some Arsenal fans. His eyes seem to be more rounded and larger than a normal human. He also urges more attention to it with his ‘glasses celebration’, which is an ode to his son.

On what brought about the celebration, he had said: “It all started a bit more than a year ago, when I asked my son what celebration I would do. He told me to do that celebration, I think he seen it on YouTube with a superhero. At that moment, I said, ‘okay, I will do it’”

It’s not just the unique shape of his eyes, but also what is going on around them that has caught attention. Quite a few supporters have started noticing that there are signs of bags forming under his eyes. This refers to mild swelling or a sense of puffiness underneath one’s eyes.

There are slight black shadows around his eyelids too. His appearance makes the Belgian forward look tired all the time. While there are no wrinkles or worrying objects around his facial features, his eye-bags are making some fans worried about his sleeping cycle.

What Might Be Causing This Issue?

Normally, there are many reasons for bags to form under a person’s eyes. A very usual issue is the lack of sleep. Normally, eight hours of sleep is recommended for one to be well rested. Footballers can actually afford this. Most of their days (apart from matchdays) go on training for a couple of hours – meaning they have ample time to rest. So that is unlikely to be causing this in Trossard.

Ageing is also a factor but it’s not like the Belgian footballer is exactly an ‘old man’ at 29. More factors include smoking (unlikely as he’s a top-level footballer) and allergies.

However, a major reason that one fan even noted was this being a genetic issue. The case of eye bags forming under one’s eyes can also be hereditary and transmitted from parents to their children. So that can perhaps be a reason behind Leandro being left with this burden too.

Trossard’s eye bags aren’t that prominent when he’s in the right setting. For example, when posing for Belgian’s new Tintin-inspired Euro 2024 kit, he looked much fresher and livelier than he does in Arsenal’s matches. With that being said, there are some possible procedures available for Trossard to fix this problem too.

How Can Trossard Fix His Eye Bags

A very effective method is the surgical procedure named ‘lower eye blepharoplasty’, which involves removing the excess fat and bulging skin tissues beneath the eyes. This can cost in the upper range of £2000 in the UK, which is nothing prominent for Trossard. There are other options too like injectable treatments and under-eye patches to fix this issue.

Trossard, to his credit, doesn’t seem to be that bothered about his baggy eyes. He’s probably genetically inherited it and looks to be at peace with it. Rather than take part in lavish treatments to fix this, he’ll probably be more focused on the task at hand – which involves winning Arsenal and the Belgian national team major trophies in 2024.