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Look: K-pop Idol Jennie Dons Hamburg Kit For No Reason At All

Look: K-pop Idol Jennie Dons Hamburg Kit For No Reason At All

It’s been one after another random event since the Euro 24 started, and it’s not even a week.

People saw Joel Matip with an OF model, spotted Toni Kroos with a Mexican flag on his iPad, witnessed Joe Hart maintaining the straightest posture humanly possible, and more events are unfolding.

The latest inductee to the list is Jennie Kim or simply Jennie of Black Pink flaunting a Hamburg SV jersey.

The K-pop sensation proved that again as she made her TikTok debut on June 19 with the account ID @jennierubyjane.

Her video went viral and in just over 24 hours span she had over 30 million views on her post in the HSV jersey.

X users flooded the social media platform with their inquiries about the matter but were unable to connect the dots between the Korean singer and the German football club.

Jennie’s social media popularity is off the charts with 84.8 million followers on Instagram, 10.5 million on YouTube and 5.2 million on TikTok. With the total number in her army of followers standing at 100.5 million, you surely don’t want to say something out of the line about her.

The Bundesliga 2 club are surely thankful to the 28-year-old for the free publicity, and it could be a massive way to boost their finances by commercialising the video.

Jennie wore a black HSV jersey from the 2014/15 season, but she customized it to an extent, as seen from the curls on the collar area and shoulders.

There is one link in this randomness, BLACKPINK is sponsored by Adidas, HSV’s kit manufacturer. If the club and the sportswear brand could get the vintage jersey back in store, that’d be a one-way ticket to a positive stonks.

Since going down to the Bundesliga 2 in the 2017/18 season for the first time in the club’s history, HSV are yet to make a return to the top flight of German football. So some financial muscle thanks to Jennie would be welcomed warmly.

While Jennie never appeared in a football game, she previously wore a Manchester United jersey back in 2022. And who manufactures the English giant’s kit? Adidas.

After a poor start to the season for Erik ten Hag last season, their luck changed in October with a win against Liverpool at Old Trafford. Just days before the game, BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’ song was released where Jennie was seen wearing a black Manchester United jersey. Social media went bananas over it and credited United’s return to form as the ‘Jennie effect’.

There is one more link between Jennie and football and, again, it came through Adidas.

Back in 2020, Jennie appeared in a campaign called ‘Change Is A Team Sport’, alongside her band members. Then-Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba also featured in the campaign.

While Jennie never dated a footballer, there were rumors about fellow BLACKPINK member, Jisoo dating Son Heung Min. ‘We are definitively stating that all the dating rumors related to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo are not true,’ YG Entertainment wrote in an official statement in 2021.

Since Jennie is keeping with the theme of Adidas’ black jerseys, there are some hopes that we might see the Korean queen donning an Inter Miami kit. After all, a Jennie-Lionel Messi crossover could break the internet.