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The Reaction to Joel Matip Posing with Adult Content Creator Leah Ray: ‘If Only He Knew’

The Reaction to Joel Matip Posing with Adult Content Creator Leah Ray: ‘If Only He Knew’

Joel Matip was a surprise ‘supporter’ for England as they defeated Serbia in their Euro 2024 opener, picking up a narrow 1-0 win.

Perhaps the more surprising aspect is that he even took time to link-up with Arsenal fan and notable Only Fans model Leah Ray during his visit to the Arena AufSchalke in Gelsenkirchen too.

The ex-Liverpool centre-back has a special connection to the stadium because it was his home ground during his seven years a professional player for Schalke.

Matip joined the German club at the age of 9 (in 2000) and spent 16 years with them. During this time, he bought his own home in Gelsenkirchen and became popular with the local crowd too.

So it’s not that surprising that Matip would return back ‘home’ after seeing his chapter at Anfield come to a close. He has his own family and friends living in the area, with his sister, a dermatologist, who is also practicing in her own field in the area.

While not many expected Matip to turn out as an England fan, as he grew up in Germany and represented Cameroon at the international level, he probably visited the ground to support his former teammates.

Indeed, Trent Alexander-Arnold started the game for England in a unique midfield role and Joe Gomez was also on the bench for the Three Lions.

Hence, Matip probably thought it would be good to provide some moral support to his teamamates by cheering them on from the stands.

He didn’t come alone, bringing his wife Larissa Stollenwerk along for the ride as well.

While the ex-Liverpool man probably hoped that he could be discreet with his appearance in the stands, luck would not work in his favour.

That is because some fans immediately noticed his presence. While most supporters were respectful enough to help keep his appearance a ‘secret’, OnlyFans model Leah Ray refused to pass up on a photo opportunity.

She ended up outing his presence in the stands, posing with the 32-year-old defender and writing in the caption: “Got this guys number last night at the game, said that he plays for Liverpool Is this true guys??”

Some fans are also confused over the sheer unexpected nature of this collaboration between a Champions League winner like Matip and the OnlyFans model.

A lot of supporters feel that the 32-year-old probably had no idea about who Ray even is and that she’s actually an OnlyFans model.

Ray has earned her share of haters for her X-rated work on the platform and trying to hog the spotlight to earn some extra social media followers.

Meanwhile, some Schalke fans are also cheekily asking their club to bring Matip back into the squad after he was seen in their stadium during the match.

With the Arena AufSchalke hosting a few more matches in Euro 2024, this might not be the last time Matip is seen attending a match.

Despite being a free agent, the 32-year-old is obsessed with football and might want to use his free time to support his ex-teammates and enjoy the Euro 2024 tournament to its fullest in his home country.