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The Many Businesses of Toni Kroos: Green Mnky, Duke, Icon League and More

The Many Businesses of Toni Kroos: Green Mnky, Duke, Icon League and More

In July 2021, Toni Kroos decided to bring down the curtain on his international career. But after some persuasion from Julian Nagelsmann, Kroos decided to come out of retirement in February 2024. But Kroos is gearing up for another emotional goodbye as the ongoing Euro 24 is going to be his final tournament, one last stroke on his brush on the canvas of a football pitch. But what will he do after that? What are his post-retirement plans?

For someone with the cunning of Kroos, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he laid the post-retirement groundwork for a while now. His on-field vision and the same off it led to significant investments which will bear fruit down the line.

His first investment came in 2020, when he founded his real estate company, Kroos Properties XXI SL. The firm’s base of operation is in Pozuelo de Alcaron, a municipal state in Madrid.

Aimed to build a well-knit real estate network, the company started trading on February 17 of its founding year. The projects undertaken by the company involve promotion, construction, purchase, sale, lease, transformation, development and marketing, in general, of all kinds of buildings, land, plots, and rural and urban estates.

The business is still profitably active, so don’t be surprised if you come across a real estate mogul sharing the same name as the former Real Madrid maestro.

Kroos took his next step by securing a deal with Green Mnky for endorsement purposes. The company is a sustainable supplier of cutter devices for printing bulletproof glass foils for smartphones.

‘I am very happy about this cooperation. Because parts of the proceeds go to my foundation, with which we help seriously ill children. With it, we want to continue to grow and become bigger to help even more children,’ Kroos said after the collab was confirmed.

Kroos and his wife Jessica Farber founded the Toni Kroos Foundation in 2015. His wife takes care of the day-to-day work of the foundation, which aims to provide financial and medical aid to severely sick children.

Toni Kroos with his wife Jessica Farber

‘The objective is to help seriously ill children… We finance therapies and treatments, we help in the purchase of aid and we fulfill the little dreams of children, which sometimes unfortunately are their last wishes. We help mainly when financial resources are lacking, when help is needed especially quickly or when insurance companies reject the necessary support,’ Jessica told ABC People.

In 2022, Kroos contributed to raising €14.3 million for US and German-based HMNC Brain Health (HMNC Holding GmbH), a company dedicated to precision psychiatry. To put it simply, the company plays a significant role in treating mental health patients.

‘Mental health is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. I have witnessed how mental health is undervalued in competitive sports in particular, even though the physical and psychological pressure is incredibly high,’ said Kroos after the first round of funding.

In July 2023, Kroos joined the Berlin-based rental car startup, Duke. According to Grunderszene, the 34-year-old owns a 14% share of the company.

Apart from this, later that year, Kroos also announced the creation of the ‘Icon League’ with streamer Elias Nerlich.

‘There are a large number of fans who are also keen for a different soccer format. For a faster, more varied, more action-packed, more eventful game, in which there can suddenly be unforeseen twists and turns, i.e. more goals and more entertainment. And that’s exactly what we will offer,’ Kroos said about the tournament. The league is set to begin in September this year.

Just like he got his peers on the field covered, Kroos has you covered with health, real estate, automobile, and entertainment companies. So we can assume food-related investment is on the way to complete the package.

Kroos also has his own football academy in Germany and Spain, where he and his brother, Felix, act as trainers. After retirement, the German star will have more time to devote to the young minds of the game and someday we might see him on the TV screen, leading his team from the touchline.