(Video) Sergio Aguero lambasted for putting his hands on the neck of lineswoman Sian Massey


Folks on Twitter took issues with a very weird moment between Sergio Aguero and lineswoman during Manchester City’s Premier League game against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium.

The Argentine striker was caught on cam putting his hands on the referee’ assistant after a decision which went against Manchester City.

It is really hard to imagine just exactly what went through Sergio Aguero’s head here?

Handling an official is a usually a yellow card offence, but handling a female official in such a patronising manner is downright pathetic.

Check out the incident and the reaction below –

By Surjit Patowary

Extremely passionate, detail-oriented when it comes to football. Obsessed with the news. Fact-checking is life!


  1. Sent strong e-mail to Man City.
    Absolutely Unacceptable to touch lines person. That was harassment

    Not event mentioned be broadcast.

    Black lives matter. So does sexual harassment. I expect (demand ) something be done.

  2. Unbelievable, I was watching #MOTD and saw Sergio Aguero pit his arm on a football referee because she didn’t give his Team a free kick.

    Hope he apologised for his behaviour and I hope he gets fined too. I was so shocked, as its not what I expect ted to see from a so called professional football player in the 22nd Century.

    1. Of course it’s idiots like you who are offended for her. Last I checked it’s the 21st century you fucking retard

  3. That, in this polically correct age, is harassment. Needs to be dealt with by the police in Hate Crime Week. I notice that “what’s happen to my country” Lineker only managed to give it 10 seconds. Maybe the line judge was not black.

  4. As a woman I did not find this to be a grab or aggressive. I think the woman is equipted to handle this herself. Such an outrage just weakens equality of women if that had been a man no one would say anything. I think English culture of being reserved blew this out of proportion. She can file a complaint or ask for a yellow card at that time.

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