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Peter Drury goes viral for his commentary on Manuel Lanzini’s epic goal against Spurs

Peter Drury goes viral for his commentary on Manuel Lanzini’s epic goal against Spurs

From “Goal for all Africa” to “Roma have risen from their ruins”, it is a well established fact that Peter Drury is a true poet of the modern game: having had so many iconic pieces of commentary in his archives as a football commentator.

His status as the cream of the crop among current commentators would only get better after his commentary in the finishing stages of tonight’s Premier League game between Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.

It was a game of two halves and a thrilling encounter in the top flight, as West Ham came back from a three goal deficit to equalize in the final seconds of the game.

Manuel Lanzini’s thunderbolt of a shot rattled the crossbar and went in, as West Ham players were ecstatic to salvage a point from a game seemingly lost: capped off as Peter Drury went on a poetic footballing monologue as only he can do best.

As the final whistle was blown immediately when play restarted after the Lanzini equalizer, Drury waxed lyrical as he always does in the most special of moments –

Never ever pre-judge a football match. Never think you know, never think it’s over. Never write a script before it is written for you. This was meant to be Bale’s game, it was meant to be Kane’s game, it was Son’s game, it was Tottenham’s game- rip all of that up, it was Lanzini’s game, it is a 3-3 thriller. From nowhere, West Ham, from nowhere.

Football is the beautiful game we all are in love with, and it is poets such as the likes of Peter Drury who make us fall even deeper in love with it.

It is a sport filled with highs and lows on an emotional perspective, and there is nobody better at narrating special moments: nobody better at conjuring the best of adrenaline rushes in the most unbelievable circumstances in football.

Check out the video featuring Peter Drury’s commentary below –

Caleb john

Tuesday 20th of October 2020

Peter Drury is such a great entertaining commentator, he's just an amazing commentator