Anti-piracy company runs a spooky advert during Man Utd v Chelsea

Football fans in the UK have lambasted an advert which ran on the advertising hoardings at Old Trafford earlier today.

A controversial new offering from the Premier League has come under a lot of criticism from footballer supporters’ groups throughout the country.

With matches still being played behind closed doors, fans have to pay (£14.95 charge) extra to watch top-flight games not selected for TV coverage.

The boycott has been consistent since its implementation during the 0-0 draw between West Bromwich Albion and Burnley on Monday.

There is a general understanding that fans are preferring to look for streams on the internet to watch the games live rather than pay the £15 to Sky Sports and BT Sport.

Things took a spooky turn today as a slightly Orwellian advert from Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) ran during the goalless draw between Man United and Chelsea.

The advert read – ‘Half of all illegal streamers get hacked’

It is hard to imagine what kind of data backs this claim or how do you even get that data in the first place.

Check out the reaction from fans below –