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Vile Juventus fan sends death threat to Andrea Pirlo’s teenage son on Instagram

Vile Juventus fan sends death threat to Andrea Pirlo’s teenage son on Instagram

Juventus’s poor form on the field this season is taking a toll on manager Andrea Pirlo’s son, Nico, as the 17-year-old budding footballer revealed how he has been getting sickening messages from angry fans on Instagram.

The Bianconeri have seen their stocks go down rapidly this season under Pirlo as they sit in the 4th position in the Serie A points table, 13 points behind leaders Inter Milan.

Not use to such lows, some of the fans of the Old Lady have taken to harassing Pirlo’s teenage son as one of the direct message (DM) on Nico’s Instagram read – ‘You must die with your father’.

Nico took to Instagram today pleading with the fans to not take out the frustration of Juventus’ poor form on him, here’s how his full message read –

I am not a person that judges. I don’t like to do it. Everyone has the right to be able to say what they want. I am the first to do that and I would never like someone to remove my freedom of speech.

My parents taught me to have ideas and, above all, to listen to the ideas of others, but I think there is a limit and now this limit has been exceeded.

I am 17 years old and I receive this type of message daily, (here which I show you I received a little while ago) without having done anything in particular, but only because I am the son of a coach who probably not everyone likes, as is their right.

This was my “mistake” and the reason for which I receive daily wishes of death and various insults.

I would like to ask you all to put yourselves in my shoes for just a second and ask yourselves how you would feel.