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Quick-thinking Israeli player saves opponent from imminent head injury

Quick-thinking Israeli player saves opponent from imminent head injury

Head injuries are often one of the most dangerous risks to run in the game of football, as even a very innocuous challenge can end up in a concussion that ends up ruining careers.

Fortunately for Nodar Kavtaradze, his opponent Maor Levy was quick-thinking enough to save him from an imminent head injury after the pair collided for the ball in an aerial tussle in a UEFA Conference League match – as Maccabi Haifa and Dinamo Tbilisi went head-to-head against each other.

As the two sides faced off against each other in the second leg of the second qualifying round of the newly founded third-tier European club competition, Maccabi went into the game as odds-on favourites to qualify after securing a 2-1 avantage in the first leg.

They were 2-1 up in the second half of the match when Kavtaratze and Levy competed for an aerial tussle in the middle of the pitch.

The two players were challenging for the ball, and as Levy emerged victorious in the duel, his opponent Kavtaradze was destined for an awkward fall if not for Levy’s quick thinking.

As the Russian Kavtaradze was headed for the ground and an imminent head injury, the Israeli Levy thought quick enough to grab the Maccabi man’s head as the both of them went to ground.

Levy managed to stop Kavtaradze from hitting the ground head first, as the 28-year-old could have potentially fallen on his neck and suffered a head injury that could lead to far worse circumstances.

But fortunately for Kavtaradze, Levy showed brilliant presence of mind to cushion the fall and lower the risk of a dangerous injury.

The two then shared a wholesome moment as Kavtaradze thanked Levy for his actions, as it was a brilliant heartwarming moment for both players which deservedly went viral online.