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New photo debunks myth that Gareth Bale has done a reverse Goretzka

New photo debunks myth that Gareth Bale has done a reverse Goretzka

While Gareth Bale has been missing in action on the field for quite some time, his recent photo has been making rounds in the football grapevine. The photo garnered attention because he was spotted training on the field in full vigour, indicating his much-anticipated return.

One particular thing that became the hot topic was how slender his left leg looked in the photo. This made everyone wonder whether he had lost a few pounds. Initially, the reactions suggested Bale has done a reverse Goretzka. The Bayern Munich midfielder went from being a skinny lad to a hulkish figure in just a few months.

Mixed reaction from fans as new photo emerges

The moment Bale’s first photo surfaced on the internet, his fans couldn’t stop making guesses about his transformation. Discussion amongst his fans started when someone posted a before-after photo of Bale on a r/soccer, the football subreddit. A fan pointed out that he looked thinner because his legs were not on the ground. A few others said it could be the effects of Covid.

A new photo with his left leg planted down soon surfaced online and seemingly rubbishes the claims that Bale has become thinner whilst being out.

Bale’s return to Real Madrid after a hiatus 

Bale was in Tottenham on loan for a season and returned to Real Madrid with calf and back injuries. Although his multiple injuries set him back, letting him play only three games so far, he has fully recovered and is making a proper return to the field. That means all eyes will be on his performance. 

Real Madrid’s manager Carlo Ancelotti has made an interesting comment on Bale’s return. He has informed the press that Bale is fit, but he still doesn’t feel entirely comfortable getting on the ground. The recent events have eclipsed it since Bale has been spotted in training drills and sessions looking completely comfortable. 

The Real Madrid team, management, and fans are eagerly awaiting Bale’s return as the club recently lost Asensio to an injury that has put him off for three weeks from the action.