The photo of Petr Cech and Didier Drogba’s daughter Chelsea fans can’t stop adoring

Blues faithful witnessed the addition of a new chapter into the club’s revered history. 

Becoming only the 5th club to ever do so, Chelsea achieved the feat of winning all the titles available at a club level. 

The historic evening in Abu Dhabi had spectators in the form of Blues legends, who were pivotal in shaping the club into the winning machine it is today. 

This gave Chelsea fans a chance to witness the future along with a dose of nostalgia. 

The band looked to be back together as the likes of Didier Drogba, John Terry, Petr Cech were all present at the event. 

Add in Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole, and we have a proper reunion, nonetheless, their presence showcases just how strong the blue bond is. 

Be it the Champions League final or a league Derby, ex Chelsea players often send their support, and in this instance, they simply couldn’t miss the occasion. 

The trio came down to the pitch after full-time to congratulate the players, hugs and handshakes could be seen all around. 

In an image from the event, Petr Cech can be seen holding Didier Drogba’s daughter, a moment Blues fans can’t stop adoring. 

Iman Drogba looked fairly comfortable in the arms of her uncle, after all, he was always known for having safe hands. 

The picture also displays the relationship Chelsea legends share. 

It’s safe to assume that sharing a dressing room for almost a decade can bring individuals close.