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Tottenham manager Antonio Conte steals the show in a new ad for Powerade

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte steals the show in a new ad for Powerade

While it’s commonplace to spot footballers in adverts these days, managers and coaches are much rarer features comparatively. 

And when one does pop up on your screens, it’s a peculiar sight, to say the least. 

The latest instance arrives in the form of this ‘March Madness’ commercial by beverage brand Powerade. March Madness is the term used to describe the excitement surrounding the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments.

It stars notable sports personalities including the likes of Tom Daley, Chris Webber, Simeone Biles, and Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte

The Italian certainly doesn’t strike one as the ‘commercial type’ but in their advert itself, he appears to do a pretty sound job. 

The commercial comes as part of ‘Pause is Power’ global campaign, which looks to prioritize the mental wellbeing of athletes through taking a ‘pause’ (a moment of serenity, calm, self – reflection etc). 

The advert kicks off in the locker room of a football team, ‘Powerade FC’ by the looks of it, the scenes appears to be a halftime team talk and the players cut frustrated figures. 

The camera turns, and the Italian gaffer enters the fray, seated on a comfy recliner, he says, “Our biggest problem right now is that we’re missing pauses”. 

One of his players offers a dubious look, and the Italian clarifies, “Pauses, the secret to winning is to pause”.

Sure, Antonio. 

Our sarcasm stems from simply being familiar with the Spurs boss’ methods, any Premier League viewer could instantly visualize the intensity Conte brings to the touchline, often seen menacingly prancing about his area, barking orders at his men. 

It’s no secret that the Italian often gives no quarter to his players. 

In sharp contrast to reality, after conveying his advice, the former Chelsea boss pulls the lever and calmly rests. Later on, he’s even seen knitting a sweater with his name emblazoned on it!

Despite the slight departure from reality, the lowkey vibe Conte gives off in the commercial is a welcome change of pace as compared to usual. 

And considering all the misery Spurs are enveloped in at the moment, we’re sure Conte could use a ‘pause’. 

Check out the full ad below –