The Bizarre Reason Why This Photo of Jurgen Klopp Comforting Scott Parker Is Trending

The Premier League fans are still reeling from a fiery weekend of football antics. Arsenal has turned their tables around with another victory extending their 100 per cent win record in the league while champions, Manchester City, stamped another gritty win after trailing in the first half against Crystal Palace. 

But the takeaway was from Anfield, where Liverpool, under the precise instructions of Jurgen Klopp, annihilated a visiting Bournemouth side by netting a record of nine goals. 

A lot has already been spoken about this game — the records were broken, victory after shameful loss to Manchester United, and Mohamed Salah’s misfire in the biggest game of the season so far but another moment that might have been missed because of other entertaining factors are now being brought forth.

It’s almost like creating breaking news out of thin air for the sake of ratings, but it surely tells us that fans will look at every frame while watching a game with a microscopic lens. 

While Bournemouth was being toyed with by Luis Diaz and Roberto Firmino on the pitch even after scoring the ninth goal of the match, Klopp who knew the game was won a while ago walked up to Scott Parker on the sidelines and put his arm around him in a warm gesture, assuring him in the most sporting spirit of a better future and not to hold this defeat as a benchmark in his campaign.

It was a touch of class from the German towards his counterpart. This act couldn’t have come across as a publicity stunt in any sense. Klopp should’ve received love and affection for his generosity towards Bournemouth’s gaffer. Instead, he was a recipient of trolls and hate once again, with many claiming that the former Borussia Dortmund manager was ‘patronizing’ Parker.   

Even though there was no statement from Klopp about his stint with Parker near the end of the game, the fans jumped to conclusions quickly without a second thought.

Klopp has always been vocal support for teams that struggle in the league and even had words of praise for arch-rivals, United after they suffered two back-to-back losses at the start of this season. 

Guess the fans were not feeling the love for Klopp and didn’t even bother to match his gesture for the opposition’s manager. 

Presently, the fortune favours Klopp, but would the German appreciate the same gesture by anyone when his side is being taken to the curb?

What would have Klopp done if former Aston Villa manager Dean Smith wrapped his arm around him and comforted him after the 7-2 thrashing in the 2020/21 season? A lot of hypotheticals but Liverpool fans can only pray that such a day never arrives again.