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Did Kylian Mbappe Disrespect Kays Ruiz-Atil? Post Match Crotch Grab Explained

Did Kylian Mbappe Disrespect Kays Ruiz-Atil? Post Match Crotch Grab Explained

Kylian Mbappe has had a true rollercoaster of a year at PSG. It started with a lot of uncertainty over his future at the club. Real Madrid seemed set to steal him away from the French side and make him their marquee signing of the summer.

However, the Frenchman pulled off a stunning twist by re-signing with the Ligue 1 giants and betraying the trust of the La Liga giants. He stated that his journey at PSG was not yet over and managed to anger a majority of the Real Madrid fanbase.

Since then, the scrutiny over the French forward has been brutal. Every single action of his, both on and off the pitch, is magnified by a lot of fans and the media as well.

He has scored 19 goals and provided 5 assists in just 20 appearances for PSG so far this season. But not many are actually talking about it.

Instead, what seems to be getting the headlines for Mbappe is all his wrongdoings. Earlier this season, there were rumours that he was angry at not getting the spotlight on him at PSG.

Even the act of Mbappe not passing to a teammate or walking away from a particular attacking move made the news.

Now, the 23-year-old has been involved in some fresh drama ahead of the FIFA World Cup. This will be his second World Cup after having won the first one with France and even scoring in the final as well.

Mbappe is going into the Qatar World Cup with some good momentum, having scored in his side’s 5-0 win over Auxerre in Ligue 1 in the final game before the break.

But what has gotten fans talking after that game is what he did after the game. Following full-time, a tunnel video footage was released in which Mbappe was seemingly approached by Auxerre midfielder Kays Ruiz-Atil to swap t-shirts with him.

The 23-year-old seemed to grab his crotch before making his way to the dressing room, denying the young midfielder his request for then.

It got many speculating that the 23-year-old winger’s ego had gotten over his head and he was too superior to exchange shirts with a younger peer like Ruiz-Atil. But the reality of this situation is something completely different and quite understandable as well.

What really happened was that Mbappe acknowledged Ruiz-Atil’s desire to get his t-shirt and was actually fine with it. However, he had to go to the toilet really badly in order to relieve himself.

While he could’ve probably told him so in a more discreet fashion, the Frenchman just grabbed his crotch to indicate that he had to visit the bathroom quickly.

Kays Ruiz-Atil seemingly dismissed these rumours by addressing the situation on his Instagram with the caption “les rumeurs”, which basically translates to ‘A rumour’.

Mbappe also reposted that on his Instagram with a face-palm emoji, as he’s seemingly tired of the kind of allegations laid against him these days.

The PSG forward has probably gotten used to seeing the media and some fans try to tarnish his reputation, as he’ll look to silence his doubters by performing well in the World Cup.