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Inside The Time-Traveling Antics Of England Fan With Fake World Cup Trophy

Inside The Time-Traveling Antics Of England Fan With Fake World Cup Trophy

The real special thing about the FIFA World Cup is that it almost feels like a huge global carnival for the sport of football.

With 32 nations, with different cultures and fandom, participating in the tournament (soon to be increased to 48) – the tournament is like the perfect representation of globalization.

Not only do fans from every single participating country travel to the hosting nation, but football supporters and even casual sports fans from all around the world also crave to watch the World Cup games in the stadiums themselves.

Millions of supporters have travelled to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup, which is being widely deemed as the most entertaining one of the 21st century.

One of the countries which had a massive turnout of fans in Qatar was England. This isn’t exactly surprising knowing how devoted the English football fans are to the Three Lions and how the sport is almost inscribed inside their blood.

English football fans love to have fun wherever they go and even managed to do it in Qatar, despite the strict ban on alcohol.

Gareth Southgate’s side were blessed by a huge turnout of English fans in every single one of their games, with thousands flocking to the stadiums and being extremely vocal to energize the lads.

Fans of all ages and shapes flocked to the stadium, but one England fan has gone viral for his stark appearance.

One particular England fan caught the eye of the camera during their thrilling 3-0 win over Senegal at the Round of 16 stages. The fan was basically a doppelganger of former England manager Steve McLaren.

This supporter was extremely passionate and his brilliant reactions to England’s goals were recorded during the game itself.

The fan was pictured celebrating wildly with a replica of the World Cup trophy in his hands. He has an unnerving similar appearance to McLaren, with his appearance both amusing and shocking a lot of fans.

In fact, the supporter – who goes by the moniker Smiley Thai on Twitter – became so famous that Talksport host Laura Woods even managed to track him down during the game. Woods was gracious enough to take a selfie with the McLaren lookalike as well, which seemingly delighted him.

The supporter even posted their selfie on Twitter, thanking Woods for the opportunity to take the picture and ‘validating’ him as a genuine doppelganger.

The England fan appears to also be a supporter of Premier League side Wolves, as the selfie he shared seems to have a flag with the Wolves logo on it.

It also seems like this person is a bit of a time-traveller as well. He was pictured at the 2018 World Cup final as well, blending in as a France.

That’s not it. He was even there at the 2014 World Cup, where he had fully black hair – as well as having a similar look in the 2016 FA Cup final which was won by Manchester United – a team he even doesn’t appear to be a fan of.

It’s also rather astonishing that this dude has not come across Steve McLaren himself yet, who is currently an assistant coach at Manchester United.

He’s helping Erik ten Hag adapt to the English football scene as well as help get the Red Devils back to the top of the Premier League.

It’s still unclear whether McLaren has actually been able to see the picture of his doppelganger yet, but a picture of the two would definitely be brilliant.