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Who is PK Humble? Hashtag United star wins praise for Pele tribute

Who is PK Humble? Hashtag United star wins praise for Pele tribute

Hashtag United are a team well-known among ardent YouTube viewers, especially those who scroll around the website for football videos.

Of course, they might not be a prominent or extremely popular club but have been able to develop a cult following of sorts.

The English side plays in the Isthmian League North Division, which is a non-professional league in England.

After starting out as a Sunday league team, their founder Spencer Owen helped them gain a place in the non-league structure as they aim to move up to the professional level.

Hashtag United has been entertaining a lot of fans online with their attractive brand of football and playing without a sense of pressure, which is quite apparent in the Premier League these days.

Their players are all non-professional footballers but still manage to produce some entertaining moments for the fans.

One of the in-form players for Hashtag United is their striker PK Humble. His real name is Percy Kiangebeni and he has only joined the team this season onwards.

Humble has been able to wrack up a pretty decent fandom over the period, he’s earned over 40,000 Twitter followers and over 80,000 Instagram followers.

Humble has gone somewhat viral on social media after his amazing performance for his side in their recent 4-0 win over Witham Town.

The midfielder scored a brace for his side, including a goal which (according to him) was a tribute to the late Pele.

The goal in particular sees Percy get the ball in midfield and make a darting run into the box. He dances past a number of players before producing a 360 spin in the box and then scoring past the goalkeeper.

That was the best of the two goals scored by the midfielder to give a huge win for his side, kicking off 2023 in style.

After his heroics, Humble took to Twitter to boast his impressive goal and posted the video of it with the caption: “I had to wear the Puma kings in honour of Pele and I think they gave me powers cos this goal is brazy.”

So it’s clear that it was a tribute to the iconic Brazilian forward, who died at the age of 82 last month. Not just that, but Humble’s hilarious post-match interview has also won over a lot of fans and British journalists.

In the post-match interview, he said: “Yeah I scored two goals for Pele. Then obviously I did the Madonna, not the Madonna, but the Maradona Flick and two goals like that! Once I got the first one, I thought ‘you know what I could get two’ and then I tried to get the hatty, but that transaction hasn’t landed yet.

“So that’s another pending transaction to come, the hatty. The hatty and the bicycle kick are my next transactions, then I want to pull the collar up like Eric Cantona!”

Humble has won over a lot of fans with his street-style post-match interview which is not like anything one can expect at the professional level.

His current goal seems to be to score a hat trick, scoring which can probably produce an even more ludicrous interview from the Hashtag United star.