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The Influencer Arc Of Antony Santos That No One Saw Coming

The Influencer Arc Of Antony Santos That No One Saw Coming

In the modern world of professional football, players have come to realize the importance of maintaining a positive image and improving their public relations.

They are not just athletes who compete on the field but also public figures and role models who are under constant scrutiny by fans, media, and the general public.

Hence, many players have started to seek the help of career management teams to improve their online presence, create content, and manage their image on social media.

Recently, Antony, a talented football player and a new signing for Manchester United, created a video montage of himself reacting to his team’s match against Leeds United from the stands. 

He missed that match due to an injury.

The video, which showed Antony cheering his team on and celebrating their goals, was uploaded on social media, accompanied by the caption “A day as a fan! Congratulations to you for the dedication in the match ! We’re United.” 

However, the Brazilian’s video has received mixed reactions from fans and social media users, with many of them poking fun at the player for what they perceive as a cheesy and cringy display.

Replies and comments like “Antony has to be the most shameless player I’ve ever seen, Bro made a celebration comp and he wasn’t even playing 🤣🤣” and “I know damn well he didn’t just post a cheerleader comp ? Antony pls be serious” have flooded social media. 

Rival fans have ruthlessly taken a swipe at the 22-year-old for sharing what they see as a “celebration comp” on social media. They argue that Antony’s video makes it seem like he is trying to take credit for his team’s performance, even though he was not even on the field.

Some have run to his defence, calling him passionate and cheerful. They are backing him every step of the way and were also keen to notice the return of his blonde hair, which he had during his incredible run at Ajax.

The Brazilian forward was pictured in the stands, cheering on his teammates as they fought back from 2-0 down to secure a draw. 

This is a big turn of events for Antony – from footballer to influencer. Instead of being hated for not being able to play well, he is now being hated for the photos and videos he is uploading to social media. Who saw this coming?

His career management team, titled 4ComM, might be the ones to blame for this. A big watermark saying their name pops up at the end, which is rare to see even for most influencers.

It’s evident that both Antony and 4ComM are here to make their mark and capitalize on his hype for as long as they can.

However, for those who are still fans of the footballer side of Antony, Erik ten Hag has stated that he does not think Antony’s injury will keep him out for a long period. An update on the player’s fitness will be given before the next match.

While some fans may find it endearing and supportive, others view it as a cheesy and cringe display. Irrespective of the perception, Antony’s passion for his team is evident, and his eagerness to return to the field is a testament to his dedication to the sport.