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Why the Manchester United 23/24 Away Kit is Creating Buzz – Good and Bad

Why the Manchester United 23/24 Away Kit is Creating Buzz – Good and Bad

Manchester United ended their rollercoaster of a 2022/23 season in dismal fashion – suffering a cruel defeat to rivals Manchester City in the FA Cup final. They failed to personally end the Cityzens’ ambitious European Treble charge, ending up being overpowered by Pep Guardiola’s unstoppable players at Wembley.

Until the Champions League final actually happens on June 10, all that the Red Devils and their supporters can do is pray that Inter Milan pulls off some kind of a miracle to preserve their European Treble record. When it comes to the 22/23 campaign itself, United had its share of ups and downs – but ultimately ended Erik ten Hag’s debut campaign pretty well.

They fought their way to secure a top-3 finish, outperforming the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and the dismal Chelsea in the process. The Manchester Reds also won the Carabao Cup title and in doing so, ended a five-year-trophy drought that start causing nightmares to the supporters.

As the Red Devils players unwind by enjoying their holiday period after a gruelling campaign, it’s now the time for the off-the-pitch members of the club to jump into action. A lot of eyes are currently tied to the unveiling of United’s newest kits for the upcoming 2023/24.

Like every other campaign, Adidas will be releasing three different kits – the home kit, the away kit and a third kit (which is normally worn in away European games or any away game a team wants to wear it in).

Recently, a couple of leaked images of what appears to be the final version of Man United’s away kit for the 23/24 season was leaked on social media. This appears to be a total far cry from any of the away kits from their past campaigns and one which is causing a lot of buzz among the fans.

The away kit is a very dark green and white striped kit, that also has a maroon shade to it. The ‘official colours’ for this kit are claimed to be ‘Green Night/Core White/Active Maroon’.

To those unfamiliar with these colours, this kit might seem extremely similar to Newcastle United’s iconic home kit design. The only bit of design added to it to differentiate it from the Magpies kit is that there are red lines inserted into the white stripes in the kit.

A version of this kit in which left-back Tyrell Malacia models has been released, which appears to be a leak of Adidas’ photo shoots ahead of the release of this particular jersey.

This kit is definitely something out-of-the-box stuff created for the Red Devils by Adidas, as it also includes a unique ‘plastered’ sponsor where the name of Team Viewer (their shirt sponsor) appears to be simply stuck on the middle of the kit.

The ‘plastered’ design might be because United actively looking for new shirt sponsors that might be ready to immediately replace Team Viewer, who have voiced their desire to end their partnership with the Manchester Reds as soon as possible.

What Adidas has managed to do is get a lot of Manchester United fans talking about this peculiar-looking kit ahead of its official unveiling. The majority of the supporters seem to be strictly against this weird design and how Adidas have experimented with colours that are barely associated with the Red Devils.

A lot of supporters are criticizing it for being awful looking and not matching their taste at all. It is a major far cry from their 2022/23 away kit, which actually impressed a lot of fans because of its simple yet slick design.

However, there is a minority region of supporters who feel that the kit actually looks really cool – especially when photoshopped into players wearing it. Some supporters seem to be sold by the unique design and the experimentation attempted by Adidas.

For the German company, they’ll probably hope that all this buzz around this new kit boosts its sales when they release it – which is reportedly going to be towards the end of June. When it comes to price, the authentic version of the 22/23 away kit is being sold for £84 on the Adidas website, a discounted price down from £120.

It could be speculated that the 23/24 away kit will probably release at just over the £120 range itself too. Whether a lot of fans actually buy this weird kit and help Adidas make a profit on it, however, remains to be seen.