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Meet Diana Al Shammari, the Creative Genius Behind Embroidered Inter Miami Kit

Meet Diana Al Shammari, the Creative Genius Behind Embroidered Inter Miami Kit

With the start of the 2023/24 European football season, almost all the kits of the major clubs have been released to solid, mixed and bad reviews – but one particular new style of football shirt design that has blown away some fans are the new embroidered kits.

These aren’t your ordinary football kits, but some custom-made ones that are only available in select regions and outlets. Basically, the embroidered kits are a unique version of an official jersey, where beautiful little patterns are designed into the kits using some kind of embroidery element.

In most cases, these elements are designs of flowers or some aesthetically pleasing elements that provide a brighter glow to the kits and add something more refreshing to it. Initially, some Adidas kits started gaining popularity for these embroidery design, including the Inter Miami home kit.

Who is the creator of the unique embroidery kits?

The Inter Miami one gained so much fame in the USA that even the Jonas Brothers’ Joe Jonas wore a custom kit with the embroidery element to one of his concerts in Toronto. The MLS side’s unique kit is really pleasing, as it has some white flowers around the club crest and Adidas logo.

But not just this, but there have been embroidered versions of Nike kits as well. This includes the Brazil national team home kit and even a vintage Arsenal home kit with the Nike logo. The intricate design to the kits and expert detailing of the embroidered elements have made a lot of fans fall in love with these custom attire, with many urging to buy them.

The creator of these unique kits is Independent designer Diana Al Shammari. She decided to give a vibrant, ‘different’ touch to football kits by starting to embroider elements like flower designs or something similar into the kits of many clubs as well as national football teams.

She has not only been altering the design of kits for major sides, but teams from all over the world irrespective of their popularity. Diana has blown away fans with her creativity and impressive ability to find the exact right patterns of embroidery to insert into kits, doing it so expertly that the kits don’t lose their attractiveness and the new design blends into its colours brilliantly.

Diana has been doing these alterations for kits of present and past, even doing it for some vintage jerseys after receiving fan requests. The Inter Miami jersey design, for example, was after supporters requested for it!

How much are the price of these custom kits?

Of course, as these kits are custom-made and inserted with a lot of intricate elements and materials put into the embroidery, they are definitely much more expensive than your regular football kits. The Inter Miami custom kit, for example, is worth a whopping £300 and is only a limited-edition one.

Al Shammari has been able to set up her own online retailer store called ‘’ after fan requests and there are a lot of kit options available in the website. Diana has also created different ‘tiers’ to her designs.

This includes Tier 1 (£110) which includes the designs only on the sleeves and shoulders area of a kit. Tier 2 (£130) includes the embroidery in the collar, sleeves, and shoulder areas. Tier 3 (£150) includes design on the back or front of the shirt only.

The final and most expensive tier 4 (£210) is a combination of both Tier 2 and Tier 3 that includes designs in the front/back, collar, sleeves and shoulder areas. Of course, the price of the design does not include the price of a football kit which will be an extra cost if one wants to purchase it.

Of course, these embroidery kits might seem expensive (they are) but that is because Al Shammari uses reliable elements and has to work hard to design them manually by herself. She has gained a lot of fame for her admirable creativity, even teaming up with manufacturers like Adidas – who approve of her custom designs.