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Cardiff City Goal Footage Goes Viral as Fans Uncover Unexpected GTA Surprise

Cardiff City Goal Footage Goes Viral as Fans Uncover Unexpected GTA Surprise

Cardiff City delighted their fans with a dominant display in their derby against Bristol City on Saturday and ran away with a 2-0 win. One supporter in the stands just behind one of the goalposts was able to catch a brilliant reaction to the second goal scored by Rubin Colwill.

The supporter was lucky enough to be recording the entire move leading up to the goal. It brilliantly shows how a corner before the strike is cleared out before the ball is played wide to Colwill. The young winger is able to brilliantly slip past multiple defenders before being able to get into the box, where he blasts a shot into the back of the net.

The exact moment when the goal was scored and how it sent the entire ground into a frenzy is brilliantly captured in the moment. However, on top of this brilliant reaction clip, some fans seem to have found a hilarious Easter Egg in it.

Those who watched the video with incredible attention to detail, they were able to identify a text message tone that can be heard around the 7-second mark. You’ll probably need quite a few listens and have to hear this one in a quiet environment to even catch the tone.

Of course, a message tone is unlikely to cause much noise in the intense atmosphere of a loud football stadium. However, this interesting tone started to make people talk because of its backstory. This is actually the same text tone that can be heard in the popular game Grand Theft Auto V.

Indeed, fans of the famous gaming series were able to identify this tone (listen below) almost immediately. This is the tone that rings on the mobile carried by the three protagonists Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Fans were immediately able to realize that the lowly tone is exactly the one from GTA V.

For many, this mobile text tone has become memorable because of how often the phone used to ring with messages from Lester Crest. Lester was a disabled hacker in the game, who often helped with the heist missions in the game. The bank heist missions are definitely some of the best ones in GTA V and a major reason why GTA V’s Online mode is still so popular to this day.

In fact, Lester also reappears as an ally in the GTA Online game to the protagonist too. He allows the player to take part in the Diamond Casino Heist (which was added in 2019), hence creating one of the most epic heist missions in the game.

Fortunately for the Cardiff fan who captured the video, that little tune in the midst of his reaction clip is a reason for it going viral on social media. Because of how far it has been shared, the clip has over 4.8 million views in just around two days time.

Perhaps in more than one way, this clip is the dream for football and GTA lovers. It allows you to refresh your mood with a goosebump-inducing reaction from the crowd and also provides a nice little memory from one of the best things about GTA.