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Fans Think 125 KG NBA Player Is A Total Kylian Mbappe Doppelganger

Fans Think 125 KG NBA Player Is A Total Kylian Mbappe Doppelganger

Real Madrid might have lost out on a deal they have been dreaming to complete for months now. We are talking about the current PSG star Kylian Mbappe!

It seems like the French forward has switched games and has now joined the NBA (National Basketball Association), signing for the Sixers. Or maybe, it’s another one of Mbappe brothers that we didn’t know about?

Don’t worry, this news is not about Mbappe but just a jest. The joke concerns the latest signing by the American basketball team, Philadelphia 76ers (colloquially known as Sixers).

In a picture, tweeted by the official Sixer’s twitter account, their newly signed player Kenneth Lofton Jr., resembles football sensation Kylian Mbappe. Hence, the lookalike jokes are lighting up the social media. The resemblance for sure is uncanny, so we can’t blame them.

The 21 years old, Kenneth, earned a two way transfer to Sixers from his previous team Memphis Grizzlies.

He caught his new team’s eyes after he managed to become the youngest player to score 40+ points for the Grizzlies and appeared in 15 games for the Grizzlies this season, producing season highs in points (12), rebounds (5), and steals (2) at Utah.

Kenneth not only resembles Mbappe’s face but also plays the same ‘forward’ position and is a master at scoring points for his team, just like his counterpart.

Mbappe has scored 21 goals this season already and the Sixer’s new acquisition is averaging 20+ points per game too.

The NBA forward however is physically on a different level, being a basketball player. He is 1.98m tall and supports a heavy weight of 125 kg to shove aside his opponents. Mbappe, in comparison, is only 1.78m and 75Kg.

If Kylian was to support a heavier weight then they might be twinning hard. You could say if Mbappe gets to enjoy the famous Philadelphia cheesesteaks, he might not be far from mastering the look.

By any chance if Mbappe comes to Real Madrid training grounds after bulking up as Eden Hazard did, it’s going to be hard for us to differentiate among them.

Add in a few braids and he might be ready to take up the NBA star’s place. As of now you might say Kenneth is the photo ID version of the French forward.

Netizens can’t get over this, and are spamming the social media with food jokes, some of them going overboard as usual. Comments like ‘Inflation has hit Mbappe hard’, ‘Mbappe XL’, ‘Mbappe after Christmas’ etc. are making rounds even on the Sixer’s official post.

A very interesting fact to mention here is that Kylian is a huge orange ball fan too. Not only this, the footballer’s production company Zebra valley and NBA are in cahoots with each other officially.

Working with Nike, he shares the spotlight with LeBron James and knows some superstars like Jimmy Butler too. Finding him courtside in an NBA game is not surprising at all. To top it off, he was a special guest at 2022 NBA drafts.

This comparison isn’t totally new, as some hardcore followers of both the games have pointed it out earlier during Kenny’s Memphis days too. This time the spotlight is bigger as his new team has more of a sway over the internet.

Maybe in the near future we will see these two young talents cross paths and take a picture or two together. That might actually break the internet.