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How Much Salary Does Ethan Mbappe Earn Weekly At PSG?

How Much Salary Does Ethan Mbappe Earn Weekly At PSG?

Kylian Mbappe is a name that needs no introduction. The world cup winning Frenchman is a phenomenon and will be celebrated for years to come.

But the enigma, himself celebrated his 25th birthday in quite an Mbappe fashion recently: by scoring a brace for his team and putting the French giants 5 points above any nearby competition.

The cherry on his Birthday cake was even more delightful as it was the day his baby brother joined him in the big leagues.

In case you had no idea, Kylian Mbappe has a younger brother who just made his senior team debut at the age of just 16, in the last few minutes of the game.

The elder brother could not be happier and when asked in the a post match interview, he even rated the debut of his brother to be a much more special moment than him scoring on his birthday.

According the talisman “This day will stay in my memories for a long long time.”

Ethan Mbappe, has been in PSG since 2017 now!

Apparently his brother brought him to PSG around the time he himself joined in from Monaco as a loanee Ethan was one of the youth prospects at club A.S. Bondy from where he switched his allegiance to PSG.

Since then he has been a part of the PSG youth squad. He has appeared for all six of their UEFA youth league matches this season. Senior team debut at just 16 is some feet to achieve. Care to guess the salary of the teenager ?

According to a French weekly, its a whopping £50,000 (approx.) per year or you could say its way below even the 1000 pounds a week mark. If you start crunching the numbers, it turns out to be quite a significant number of zeroes lower than his elder sibling.

In May 2022, the French club had offered Kylian Mbappe a three-year deal worth £507 million to stay at the club amid speculation of a possible transfer to Real Madrid. That makes his earnings around 900k pounds per week.

The miserly salary for Ethan is actually due to an aspiring contract which the young lad had signed in 2021 when he was around 15 years old. It was a three year long contract which is bound to expire in 2024.

The salaries of these trainee contracts are imposed on all French clubs by the charter of professional footballers of the Ligue de Football Professionnel.

In simple terms, what this means is that the player receives a progressive salary which culminates in a 620 pounds (707 euros) per week paycheck in the last year of the contract.

Logically, Ethan should sign a new trainee contract by the end of 1st year even but he probably is going to get a much sweeter deal with his first professional contract not far from sight now.

With the last contract about to expire and the talented lad turning 17 on December 29th, PSG won’t be lagging behind to get a new deal for the future star.

Specially with the elder brother running out his contract and awaiting his Real Madrid contract soon, it would be a wise choice for the Parc des Princes owners to tie down the other future prospect at the very least.

It is not like this is some unknown, unproven prodigy we are talking about. If you are good enough at 16 to be a part of Luis Enrique’s matchday squad, you probably have something special which is worth the big bucks.

Don’t know about PSG but we will be keeping a close eye on this talent and watch closely what his future entails.