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Everything We Know About Radu Dragusin’s Restaurateur Brother Alexander

Everything We Know About Radu Dragusin’s Restaurateur Brother Alexander

Radu Dragusin made his Tottenham Hotspur debut in a 2-2 draw against Manchester United at Old Trafford, choosing them over Bayern Munich just days prior.

He’s now a big inspiration for Romanian football, earning respect for his family. A touching video on social media showed his older brother, Alexander, expressing pride after Radu’s debut.

The clip shows how Alex reacted to seeing his sibling make his Spurs debut.

He was clearly overcome with emotions to see young Radu take such a big step forward in his career in playing in the Premier League and could not stop the tears from flowing down his face.

Some have even noticed how Alex looks almost identical to the Tottenham defender, having similar facial features despite being elder to him.

Even though he was not able to travel to Old Trafford for the game, Alex was there with his younger brother in spirit and had a reaction that would even make the Spurs man emotional.

There is probably a reason why Alex was not able to travel to England for that match, even though he obviously could have seen Radu’s Premier League debut in person.

That is because of his own responsibilities in managing his business in Bucharest, Romania.

Alex Dragusin runs his own restaurant in Bucharest that was opened just over a year ago.

In fact, the video itself was taken from the restaurant itself where he organized a watch party and got it fully packed to watch the highly-anticipated appearance of his younger sibling.

To attract more people, there was even a 10% discount offer that was applicable for that night as well. Alex is the owner and manager of the Gyro Mediterranean Flavors, which is situated in the Greenfield Plaza in the Baneasa district of Bucharest.  

Of course, the speciality of the restaurant is the Gyro – a signature Greek dish of roasted meat served in pita bread.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean food, Greek food and fast food like burgers and wraps as well. Alex mostly works as a manager, but can also cook up the items available at the outlet as shown in a host of Instagram clips in which he’s rigorously promoted the restaurant.

Alex Dragusin is also married to Spanish volleyball star Milagros Collar.

Milagros Collar with Alex Dragusin

She is of Equatorial Guinean descent and has been playing professional volleyball for almost two decades now.

Collar currently plays for Spanish volleyball side JAV Olimpico and and has played over 300 matches in her career, and is currently ranked 520 in 2024 for Women’s Volleyball players from around the globe.

The two got married in June, 2022 and Alex actually also played volleyball at an amateur level many years back before he moved into the restaurant business.

He actually has quite the adventurous lifestyle and loves adventure sports like water jet ski and also swimming as recreational stuff. He also clearly likes to travel and has been able to support his brother in Italy too.

Alex has often used his brother’s connections and valuables to help attract more people to the restaurant.

Last year, Alex ran a draw where a lucky winner ended up receiving a Cristiano Ronaldo jersey signed by the man himself – one which Radu managed to get when he was still with the Bianconeri a few years ago.

Speaking about the decision to open this restaurant, Alex said last year: “The idea came from my experience in Greece, where, two years ago, I tasted the best gyros with my wife. We are both gourmets and we want to eat well and healthy.”

Radu Dragusin has also done his part to help Alex with his business ventures and help it get more widespread attention. He often visits the place when he returns to Romania and was even part of its grand opening last year.

Alex and Radu Dragusin

Alex is likely to witness a spike of visitors to his restaurant now that his brother has a bigger mainstream attention following his Premier League debut.

A long-term goal for him, however, could be potentially opening an outlet of the Gyro Mediterranean Flavors in London and be closer to his brother’s new home.