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‘Look Vini I Love You But’: Neymar Reveals Who is the Ugliest Footballer He Has Played With

‘Look Vini I Love You But’: Neymar Reveals Who is the Ugliest Footballer He Has Played With

Just before Brazil’s first match in the 2024 Copa America, a video surfaced on social media showing Neymar calling Vini Jr.. the ‘Ugliest player’.

Neymar was asked a series of questions in the video. From the best players he played with to the most special goal he scored, nothing was off-limits.

But when the question was thrown his way about the ugliest player he played with, Neymar said, ‘The ugliest player I played with? F*ck, I’ve played so many, man, it’s a good competition. F*ck, with all due respect… Vini Jr, he hurts man [laughs]. Look Vini I love you but bro. The good thing is that he’s funny so it makes up for it.’

The former Barcelona star’s comment about the current Real Madrid ace soon became viral. But Vini’s comments on Neymar were far contrasting.

‘On the pitch I try to imitate many things he does. He always sends me videos of his moves and he says to me; ‘do the same, kid’. On the pitch he does things that no one else can,’ Vinicius said about Neymar Jr. in 2019.

Fast forward to 2024, they’re not only national team colleagues but also one of the most recognizable dual acts on and off the pitch. Hence, the viral video is nothing but a mere banter between the two pals with zero malice.

In 2023, Neymar was seen spending his holidays with Vini Jr. in Rio. Vinicius posted a series of montages and pictures of them sharing a good laugh and playing on the in-house turf.

“When you become friends with your idol and he comes to spend the day with you. ‘Never give up on your dreams’ has never made so much sense. Thank you so much and I Love You,” the caption read.

On Neymar’s 26th birthday, Vini also took to social media to wish his idol and wrote, ‘Congratulations, Idol! All the best and the best always. You deserve the best things in the world! May the father in heaven continue to bless you and make all your dreams come true! My admiration for you is equal to your humility, out of the ordinary! The world is yours Nj.’

Vini grew up as a massive fan of Neymar and Ronaldinho and his first meeting with the former left him speechless. In 2017, during a commercial shooting with Nike, Neymar came across a 16-year-old Vinicius who posted their picture together with the caption ‘Idol! speechless…’

Of course, all the compliments were not one-sided. ‘As for Vini, obviously I think the Ballon d’Or is his today,’ Neymar recently told ESPN.

‘I sent [him] messages before and after the [Champions League final] game. He’s a boy I love with passion, a great friend that football gave me. He will certainly be crowned with the Ballon d’Or.’

While Neymar Jr. is reduced to a spectator’s role due to his injury, Vini Jr. has been shouldered with the responsibility of guiding the Selecao to success. But with the rough start against Costa Rica, there certainly would be more scrutiny of Vini’s Ballon d’Or bid if the Green and Yellow fail to go all the way in the competition.