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Man United 21/22 kit to feature a detail not seen on any Adidas kits since the early 90s

Man United 21/22 kit to feature a detail not seen on any Adidas kits since the early 90s

Adidas is a brand which is almost synonymous with the game of football in the modern era, and are known for manufacturing some of the most iconic kits in the history of football.

The sportswear manufacturing giants will be seen to pay tribute to one of their most iconic trends with the new Manchester United away kit for next season – the design of which was leaked on football apparel website Footy Headlines.

Adidas are looking to bring back a detail that has not been featured on any of their major shirts for the last couple of decades or so – as the new Manchester United away kit for the 2021/2022 season will feature the Adidas Trefoil logo becoming the first major football shirt to do so since the early 1990s.

The Adidas-manufactured Manchester United 21/22 away jersey is mainly ‘cloud white’, which is the same colour used for the Arsenal 20/21 away shirt.

The kit draws inspiration from the shirt that the Manchester outfit used from 1991 to 1993, in an era that oversaw the rise of the famous ‘Class of ‘92’ – a list of high-profile graduates from the club academy.

Just as the record winners of the Premier League wore on their shirts nearly two decades back, the new away kit for the next season will also feature a blue graphic print accompanied by the club crest and the manufacturers’ logo in red.

The leaked pictures of the new away kit show that the kit employs blue tiles on a white background, accompanied by the old-school ‘Trefoil’ logo which only adds to the charm and nostalgic appeal of the new kit.

Footy Headlines reports that the new kit will be ‘remixing the most iconic flavours of Manchester and the club’s DNA’ – a combination that has made them one of the most successful clubs in the country.

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