Puma slammed for releasing copycat third kits for Man City, AC Milan and 8 other clubs

It seems Puma had enough of this ‘being creative’ malarkey as they released their new 21/22 third kits for some of the biggest teams in Europe.

Manchester City, AC Milan, Valencia, Marseille, Borussia Monchengladbach and 5 other clubs around Europe all saw their alternate kits being released by the sportswear giant today.

Nike and Adidas are often being criticised for releasing kits that adhere to a template, but Puma seems to have taken it up a notch by not just following a template but making them look utterly boring as well.

On top of that, their marketing campaign for these third kits shares the tagline – ‘rewrite the rules’. Having a laugh are we?

Safe to say, football fans have absolutely lambasted the preposterousness on display from Puma –