John Terry shocks Twitter by supporting Celtic over Rangers

A thrilling old firm derby between Celtic and Rangers ended in a draw, but the real highlight was a certain someone who was spotted in the stands cheering for the Celts. The ex-Chelsea defender and the captain of England once upon a time seemed in jolly spirits while cheering for Celtic.

The 41-year-old received a lot of flak from the netizens for having donned the Celtic scarf. Terry has been a Chelsea man throughout his life where he also captained many trophy-winning sides. But given their historic association with the Blues in Glasgow, his presence displeased many Chelsea and English fans at Celtic Park. 

Pure shock

Quoted as one of the greatest defenders of his time, Terry lost a considerable amount of respect, especially from English fans. The ex-Chelsea star has always been kept on a pedestal, but this act of apparent defiance might send questions down his fan base. 

The Chelsea and Rangers link

A big reason for Terry receiving all the hate is also the reported history between Chelsea and Rangers. Chelsea has an unspoken allegiance to Rangers and a budding camaraderie that they enjoy since the early 80s. But the bigger reason was Celtic, proving a loyal supporter of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) which the English clearly despised. Hence, a former English captain chanting the Celtic anthem was a hard sight to behold.

Is Terry a glory hunter?

One fan brought out another side to Terry’s appearance and labelled him as a man dying to be in the spotlight again. He believes that Terry’s motive was to steal the limelight away from the game, and he is not a Celtic supporter at all.

Few came to Terry’s support

But a few fans on Twitter were quick to the rescue for Terry and remembered his allegiance to Celtic by posting an old photo of the Chelsea man with a former Celtic legend, Danny McGrain. This cleared some air regarding Terry’s show at Celtic Park, but the mood overall remained grim among the fans.

Lampard is clear

One of the tweets displayed Frank Lampard’s picture in a Rangers jersey and called him a loyal supporter of England and kept him in higher regard than John Terry.

But Terry cleared his stance back in 2006 after a friendly clash against the Hoops at Stamford Bridge when he mentioned, “I have always been a bit of a Celtic fan. There was only one reason I took to them. Like my brother Paul, I followed Scottish football as well as English football when I was young. He supported Rangers, and I wanted some atmosphere in the house, so I went for Celtic.”

Despite his prior clarification, his appearance on Sunday at the Celtic Park caused an unnecessary ripple in the realms of English football and might just start an unwanted tussle between his fans and haters.