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Is Mohamed Salah losing his hairline? Fans share mixed emotions

Is Mohamed Salah losing his hairline? Fans share mixed emotions

Mohamed Salah is the greatest thing to happen to Liverpool since Steven Gerrard won them the Champions League.

His record is incredible, having already won the elusive Premier League, Champions League, and a few other domestic trophies since he joined the club in 2017.

This year, however, has not been reminiscent of those glory days of the past.

Liverpool finds themselves enduring their most challenging season under Jurgen Klopp, languishing in sixth place with a meagre 39 points garnered from 24 games in the current Premier League standings.

To compound their woes, the club has suffered early exits from both, the FA Cup and the EFL Cup. 

In addition, the prospect of a looming UEFA Champions League last-16 defeat at the hands of Spanish giants Real Madrid casts a shadow of uncertainty over the Merseyside outfit’s future prospects.

In these 24 league games, Salah has produced 9 goals and 6 assists, which would be good for a role player but bad when you see the person behind these stats.

It is safe to say he can do better, but with the team around him performing worse than him, he could also do with better. 

His brother-in-arms, Sadio Mane, left last summer for fresher pastures, and the third of the classic trio, Firmino, is leaving this summer. 

The new signings Nunez and Gakpo are great prospects for replacement, but it takes time to fit into Klopp’s system, and time it is taking.

The midfield is in no good shape either, with Fabinho playing extremely out of form for the whole season, and the Kop still relying on the ageing James Milner and Jordan Henderson.

Not to say they are bad players, but creativity in the midfield is absent.

All this is taking a toll on the Egyptian, and it looks like, like his on-field struggles, his hairline is struggling too.

During their game against Wolves, which they won 2-0, fans spotted Salah’s hairline looked the worst it ever has.

As things go, some found this a cause for concern.

His look was compared to the hairstyle of Krusty the Clown from “The Simpsons”. It is eerily similar, all that’s missing is a beard.

Others brought attention to the midfield as mentioned before, blaming it directly for this loss of hairline.

With how good and dense his curls and afro are, his hairline barely sees the light of day and is thus often forgotten about. However, with sweat or rain, the actual edges come out of the shadows for all to see. 

It still isn’t too bad, especially for a 30-year-old who is the main player for Liverpool Football Club during these stressful times.

Additionally, with Rob Holding and Ter Stegen pulling off miraculously good hair transplants, Salah should not have too much to worry about.