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Lorena Manas and Her X-rated Caption For Boyfriend Darwin Nunez Take the Spotlight

Lorena Manas and Her X-rated Caption For Boyfriend Darwin Nunez Take the Spotlight

Darwin Nunez is slowly but surely starting to establish a commanding role in the Liverpool team and it appears he’s winning in life with his awesome girlfriend too. The 23-year-old has been in a healthy relationship with his partner Lorena Manas for quite a few years now, with the two falling in love well before his high-profile move to Anfield.

With Nunez having to move to Merseyside after his summer move from Benfica last summer, Manas has also had to adjust to a change in lifestyle and environment. But the two have supported each other through his difficult first few months in England, in which Nunez was the victory of many mockeries and fan backlash.

Darwin has now become quite the fan favorite at Liverpool and a key player for Jurgen Klopp’s side in a topsy-turvy campaign. He also appears to be enjoying what little personal time he can get with his partner in a hectic season.

The Highly Provocative Caption on Instagram

It appears that soon after Liverpool’s 0-0 draw against Chelsea, Nunez was able to get some time to go out with Manas. They are rarely able to attend public events together because of Darwin’s hectic schedule, but the Uruguayan forward took her out after the previous game.

Nunez and his partner appeared to have visited a Japanese restaurant to enjoy some sushi. Considering that Darwin follows a strict diet to keep himself fully fit during the season, he can’t really indulge in any unhealthy food.

With that being said, it also seems like Manas is a big fan of Japanese food as well. She loves eating Sushi, seemingly as much as she likes ‘eating’ her man. In a recent Instagram story, Manas posted a picture of her dining with Darwin in a restaurant with the caption: “The two things I like to eat the most.”

There is little explaining the sexual innuendo that she has included in this cheeky caption indicating how she loves ‘eating out’ her partner too. This comment has made her really popular with some fans as well, who just can’t get enough of her double-meaning quotes.

Lorena Manas Gets Fans Talking By Posting Risque Caption

There were quite a few Liverpool fans who didn’t really have a clue that Nunez even has a girlfriend, mostly because he hardly posts much about them on social media nor has he made too many public appearances with her.

The reality is that Nunez is not only in a relationship with Manas, but the two even share a child together. Indeed, Nunez became a father at the age of 22 – when he still played for Benfica in January 2022. Some supporters have gone gaga over Manas’ message for Nunez, indicating their jealousy and admiration for her.

Nunez is a real favorite among female Liverpool fans for his attractive looks and how charming he can act as well. Some supporters can’t even blame Manas for her thirsty comments toward the Uruguayan striker, stating that they’d do the same.

Arsenal fans, weirdly, have become a little bit freaked out at the prospect of a ‘sexually satisfied Nunez’ playing against Rob Holding on Sunday.

Nunez seems to be in a really happy relationship with his girlfriend and is satisfying all of her needs really, really well as he keeps getting better as Liverpool’s regular striker.