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Fans Unearth Shocking Anti-Messi Past of Argentina Women’s Footballer Yamila Rodriguez

Fans Unearth Shocking Anti-Messi Past of Argentina Women’s Footballer Yamila Rodriguez

Yamila Rodriguez is currently participating in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup with Argentina but has been caught up in a war with Lionel Messi fans over her ‘hatred’ for him. Rodriguez is a self-proclaimed major fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, to the point where she has his face tattooed on her body rather than Messi’s.

At a point when most Argentine fans should support her during the Women’s World Cup, Rodriguez has actually been receiving a lot of abuse and criticism on social media. Supporters are alleging that not only does she hate Messi, but has also darted him with unnecessary criticism.

What did Yamila Rodriguez have to say about being targeted by Messi fans?

She is also accused of wishing bad things on her fellow countryman, which is shocking to do for a fellow national footballer.

After receiving a lot of abuse on social media, Rodriguez was forced to address the ‘Anti-Messi’ accusations and wrote on Instagram: “Please, enough. I’m not doing well. In what moment did I say I was anti-Messi? Stop saying things that I didn’t say, because the truth is I’m not doing well (in the middle of a World Cup where I’m representing my country.) I’m not doing poorly because of you guys, but because of the awful things you’re saying, without respect. One can’t have an idol, or a player that they like? Please.

“I never said I’m anti-Messi and never would be. He is our captain of our national team – me saying that my inspiration and idol is CR7 (Ronaldo) doesn’t mean that I hate Messi. Just to me (we can all like different things) I like the other player better, the one that inspired me.

“What’s the problem? We’re not all obligated to love the players from our own country. Please understand that this is football and everyone has their own preferences and that lifting one player up doesn’t mean burying the other.”

Rodriguez’s statement of not being obliged to Messi or all players from her country is fair, but some fans believe she’s playing the victim card here. That is because in the past, she has been very proactive on social media in liking stuff that defames Messi or tries ruining his reputation.

Messi fans unearth shocking evidence of Yamila’s hatred for Leo

After her latest comments, a number of Leo Messi fans decided to do a little digging on her past and history of not only hating the Inter Miami star, but also wishing bad things upon him. It appears that she has a clear agenda towards her hate for Messi and has acted like a bit of a toxic Ronaldo fan in the past too.

Fans have discovered her post on Facebook in 2016 (written in Spanish) where she openly claims to hate Messi and wanting him to stay in Spain. But that is just touching the tip of the ice-berg. Rodriguez has also urged Leo to retire from football on a multiple occasions, especially back in 2019 after he failed to win the Copa America with Argentina.

It also seems like her hatred for Messi didn’t stop after he won the FIFA World Cup with Argentina. This is something that should be cherished by every Argentinian citizen, irrespective of their favourite. But despite that, Rodriguez has echoed the opinion of many toxic Ronaldo fans in claiming that FIFA rigged the Qatar World Cup so that Messi could win it.

Yamila also claimed after Argentina’s 2021 Copa America win that the CONMEBOL federation changed the format and gap of the competition to take place every two-three years so that Messi could win it. She has since deleted a lot of her posts and tweets criticizing Messi, but fans were able to take screenshots of her defaming comments on Leo.

While the toxic abuse of the Argentina Women’s star is reprehensible, Rodriguez is also guilty of being a major Leo Messi hater and doing stuff that can trigger any fan. All she can hope to do is enjoy a prolific Women’s World Cup campaign with Argentina and keep her social media activity in check to ensure her agenda against Messi isn’t this clear anymore.


Wednesday 16th of August 2023

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