Fortune cookies, Drake and Dalai Lama – Liverpool’s title bid is getting all the help it needs

Liverpool Fans Are Seducing Lady Luck Like There’s No Tomorrow 28 may seem like a random number to you. A number of little to no significance. In the red half of the city of Liverpool, however, the number has a certain gravity associated with it. 28 is the number of years Liverpool fans have had […]

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(Image) Alleged picture of Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold in an Everton shirt drops online

Everton fans seemed to be in a jubilant mood on Twitter after getting their hands on a photo of Liverpool’s star right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold sporting Everton merchandise even as the photo seems to be from a while back. The 20-year-old was subject to a tug of war between the two Merseyside rivals while he was […]