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PokerStars And Gymshark Drop True Geordie Due To His Islamophobic Comments

PokerStars And Gymshark Drop True Geordie Due To His Islamophobic Comments

Newcastle United are flying high right now. Sitting third in the Premier League standings, the Magpies have come a long, long way since their takeover from the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

But it’s not just them who are enjoying a lot of success, some of their supporters are as well!

True Geordie has risen to the level of being recognized as one of the most notable podcasters in the UK, especially when it comes to covering football.

A die-hard Newcastle United fan, he now has 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He even has his own podcast, where he’s hosted celebrities like Tyson Fury, Alan Shearer, The Undertaker and Ricky Gervais.

Brian Davis aka True Geordie also does these watch-alongs for a variety of football matches. It’s not just restricted to Newcastle United’s matches, but that of other teams as well.

He watches almost all the major Premier League and Champions League matches with fellow YouTubers and supporters of other teams.

But the YouTuber has sparked a lot of controversy after something he did at a recent watch along with Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Dinamo Zagreb in the final Champions League group game.

During half-time, a user asked Geordie about when he plans to have a tussle with controversial influencer and recently turned-Muslim Andrew Tate.

Geordie tried to shut down the issue before saying that if he did have a fight with Tate, he would ‘blow himself up and take that f****** s***bag with us’.

His fellow presenter, Laurence McKenna tried to cover up his mistake by immediately notifying him that it ‘was a stereotype’ that was not promoted on the channel.

But Geordie has not been able to cover this issue, with many calling him out for his blatant Islamophobia after the comments.

Many fans noted that his nonchalant comments prove that he is true as Islamophobic and might have problems with the religion.

After coming under a lot of pressure and seeing his image taking a hit, Geordie decided to make an apology video where he wanted to apologize to anyone offended by his comments.

He said that the comment about ‘blowing himself up’ was aimed at Tate – who has recently claimed to have converted to Islam.

Geordie doesn’t believe him on it and claimed he made that joke as a question of Tate’s newfound faith in Islam, which he believes to be nonsensical as he believes that Tate’s past comments contradict what Islam stands for.

Geordie claimed that the ‘blow himself up’ comment was directed to Tate, whom he jokingly challenged to do so to prove his faith in the religion.

He then persisted that his comment was not directed towards anyone else or to disrespect the religion. Geordie says sorry in the video and tries to apologize for his actions in the 20-minute clip.

However, his apologies haven’t really come off as genuine to a number of fans.

Some fans were dumbfounded over him ending the serious apology video with the ‘like and subscribe to my channel’ ending to it.

People have called out Geordie for giving a very fake apology and even criticized Laurence for being as guilty as him.

It’s quite clear that the popular podcaster might be good at a wide range of things, but apologizing probably isn’t among them.

Brian has also started seeing his anti-Islamic comments affect him financially as apparel makers Gymshark and online poker cardroom PokerStars have stopped sponsoring him as of now, check out their statementa below –