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Lionel Messi Wears Angel Halo As Danny Ings Appears To Have wings

Lionel Messi Wears Angel Halo As Danny Ings Appears To Have wings

On certain, increasingly rare occasions in football, everything just seems to blend together to produce the most improbable of results.

The stars seem to align, the universe nods in approval and perhaps a bit of divine intervention also plays a role.

This could take shape in numerous ways, be it a sporting miracle, a spirited comeback, or the topic in focus today- perfectly timed pictures.

From careless placement during a post-match interview to a bit of immaculate timing by the advertising boards, these images have come in multiple forms in the past.

The ones we’ll be looking at today all came within the same week, and also seemed to bear some thematic similarities.

It all started at the Parc De Princes, right before PSG took on Angers in the Ligue 1.

As part of their tribute to Brazilian Legend Pele after his recent passing, the home side wore special shirts celebrating the Football Great.

The shirt itself was a white tee with a beautiful graphic on it, displaying Pele from his younger days, a golden crown etched on his head, and the word ‘eterno’ added beneath him.

Among those paying tribute was Lionel Messi, a football legend himself, and everything about the picture just screams heritage.

The earnest expression on his face, a slight peak at his iconic tattoo, and of course, the gorgeous shirt itself, all the elements made it special.

In a metaphorical sense, it was a legend paying tribute to another, both destined to live on forever in memory.

The penalty spot also decided to play a part, as it lined up perfectly atop Messi’s head to be captured by an opportune photographer.

The result was an incredible image of Messi wearing a makeshift halo while paying tribute to a fellow legend. In summary, magnifique.

The other image in focus is yet another case of some wizardry from the advertising board, and a perfectly-timed capture by an eagle-eyed fan 

It came during Aston Villa’s game against Leeds and featured Villa forward Danny Ings and the pair of wings that are sportswear brand Castore’s logo. 

In a highly unlikely occurrence, Ings was positioned directly between the wings behind him, and from a certain focal length, it really appeared as if he could fly. 

At the risk of repeating ourselves, this too was angelic.