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Papu Gomez Stirs Latest Football Witch Doctor Drama

Papu Gomez Stirs Latest Football Witch Doctor Drama

Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gomez is regarded as a magician by some fans for his exquisite skills, but not one many can connect with a witch doctor.

Well, as bizarre as it might seem, the Argentina midfielder has been levied with some damning allegations for which the national team has banished him altogether.

Gomez was part of the Argentina side that lifted the Qatar World Cup last year and earned a prestigious winner’s media, despite barely playing in the tournament.

He was chosen to the team because of an injury to influential midfielder Giovanni lo Celso – who failed to recover from an injury in time to make the World Cup.

Well, it appears that Papu actually might’ve had a huge role in ensuring that happens. He is being accused of backstabbing his national teammate by using some illegal and scary methods to ensure Lo Celsco couldn’t be fit for the World Cup.

Papu Gomez being accused of witch doctor links

The Sevilla midfielder was only left out of the squad in a last-minute decision from Lionel Scaloni and ESPN journalist Gonzalo Cardozo has explained why that happened.

It wasn’t because of a lack of fitness or form, but because of the team finding out about him being involved with black magic.

Indeed, Gomez has been accused of using black magic to ensure Lo Celso was unable to feature at the World cup.

He consulted the illegal use of a witch doctor, putting some kind of a spell on Lo Celso to ensure he would be picked over him in the squad.

The Argentine journalist said: “The reality is that Papu Gómez always went to a witch, he did it, he asked about his life, his career. At the World Cup he told the Argentine group that the witch had confirmed that they were going to be world champions. One of the teammates He contacted the person in question and asked why. The answer was conclusive. The greatest proof that this is true is that no one is going to deny it.”

In fact, it appears that the Argentina camp was made aware of Gomez’s usage of a witch doctor after their win over the Netherlands in the quarter-final. That is why there has been no interaction between Gomez and his Argentine teammates on any social media platform since the World cup win.

Scaloni verified everything and after gaining proof that Gomez did use black magic to curse a fellow teammate, he immediately banned him from the squad and did not allow him to join the celebrations for the Argentina squad in their upcoming home games during the international window.

Which other footballers have been accused of performing black magic?

Gomez is not the only prominent footballer to be accused of using a witch doctor to elevate things in his career. Paul Pogba was entangled in a similar case last year after his own elder brother Mathias made some shocking allegations against him.

The Juventus midfielder reportedly consulted an African witch doctor named ‘Grande’ or Ibrahim – who is renowned in Paris for being able to cast a curse, lift one, bring you luck, or downright make your life miserable.

In a shocking confession, Mathias alleged that Pogba used to pay the witch doctor for years and asked him to protect him from injuries. He also used black magic to help France win the 2018 FIFA World Cup as well as neutralize the threat of Kylian Mbappe during PSG’s loss to Manchester United in the 2018/19 Champions League Round of 16.

Paul reportedly told the French police that he did use to consult Grande, but it was only for good favors like a consultation on charitable work in Africa. Pogba’s former Manchester United teammate Romelu Lukaku has also been accused of using a witch doctor in his career.

Everton’s majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri said at an AGM (Annual General Meeting) that Lukaku used a witch doctor to organize his departure from the club in 2017. He had said: “he was on a pilgrimage in Africa or somewhere and he had a voodoo and he got the message that he needs to go to Chelsea.”

Of course, Lukaku ended up joining Manchester United instead of Chelsea that summer. Romelu was absolutely incensed by these accusations and threatened legal action against Moshiri, claiming that he doesn’t believe in black magic or voodooism – being a devoted catholic.

Gomez, however, seems to have really used black magic to destroy the World Cup dreams of a teammate – just to win a winner’s medal for himself. Even though he’s currently out because of recovery from injury, it’s unlikely that Papu will get to play for Argentina ever again.