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3 New Chant Ideas Pop Up For Dominik Szoboszlai But There’s a Clear Winner

3 New Chant Ideas Pop Up For Dominik Szoboszlai But There’s a Clear Winner

Dominik Szoboszlai already seems to have become a cult hero at Liverpool only a few months after arriving at the club. He’s definitely added more energy and intensity to their midfield, helping implement Jurgen Klopp’s ‘heavy metal’ football perfectly and fans want to etch his name into the history books with a new chant.

Szoboszlai didn’t appear to be the Reds target before the summer window and the club was able to secure his signing very quickly from RB Leipzig. While most fans went gaga over the arrival of Alexis Mac Allister, the Hungarian midfielder has (at least so far) managed to overshadow the World Cup winner and delight the fans with his performances.

He has featured heavily for Klopp’s side so far and become a mainstay in their midfield line – operating as a bit more no.8. Szoboszlai has added a bit more height and physicality to the Liverpool midfield and is already breaking Premier League records with his impressive recovery work and defensive contribution.

Szoboszlai’s excellent work in the pre-season training and ability to outshine everyone in the dreaded lactate test compelled Klopp to feature him heavily. He hasn’t disappointed the gaffer with his energetic performances and also scored some sensational goals that have immediately sparked Steven Gerrard comparisons.

As long as he can maintain his impressive form, the Hungarian midfielder is assured to attain iconic status very soon.

Some matchgoing fans already decided to pay homage to Szoboszlai by bringing a brilliant Hungary-flag-inspired banner to Anfield in a recent match to show their love for him. Now some are trying to create a new chant for him as well.

There doesn’t seem to be any Dominik Szoboszlai chant to have been debuted in Anfield or any matches so far and fans are now trying to find new ways to find the perfect one for him.

The most popular one that has impressed fans is a chant that is in the tune of Don McLean’s iconic ‘American Pie’.

The lyrics for the chant goes something like this:

Myyy myyy Dominik Szoboszlai
He comes from Hungary and he’ll make the Reds f***ing fly
Like the good ol’ days when Bill Shankly was alive
Singing he’s my Dominik Szoboszlai  

This is, of course, heavily inspired from the chorus of the mega-hit song by the American musician and the chant seems to have a really feel-going, easy-going vibe to it.

Though not as popular, there is another chant that is heavily inspired by Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ pop hit as well.

The lyrics for this rendition of the proposed Szoboszlai chant goes something like this:

Ohhhh, I wanna dance with Szoboszlai,
I wanna win the league with Szoboszlai,
Yeahhhhh, I wanna dance with Szoboszlai
With Szoboszlai from Hungary

A rendition of the 1970/80s band Police’s ‘So Lonely’ has also been suggested as another possible chant for the Hungarian midfielder. It goes something like this:

Szobo’s playing in the squad today,
And he can pass and run all day,
He’s Anfield’s brand new #8
And from day one he’s doing great…
Szoboszlai, Szoboszlai, Szoboszlai,
We got Szoboszlai!!!

Going by all these chant ideas, one thing is absolutely clear – which is that Liverpool fans absolutely adore Szoboszlai. They are smitten by his early impact after arriving in the summer and just can’t get enough of what he’s doing right now.

If the midfielder can maintain his performance levels all season long to help the Reds win trophies, he’ll probably have fans being more creative in creating even more chants for him.