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Explaining the Controversy Over Rasmus Hojlund’s Interview with Mark Goldbridge

Explaining the Controversy Over Rasmus Hojlund’s Interview with Mark Goldbridge

Mark Goldbridge has almost become a synonymous figure among the Manchester United fan community in his rise as a popular influencer and the ‘face’ of The United Stand YouTube channel – which currently garners over 3 million subscribers.

However, they have recently been called out for spreading ‘negativity’, resulting in an ugly spat with veteran journalist Andy Mitten.

For those unknowing, Mitten has been covering the Red Devils for the last few decades and established strong contacts with past and present members of the side.

He is normally a liked character among fans and journalists, being known for his insights on Man United and and friendly demeanour.

Mitten works as a freelance reporter, contributing for the likes of The Athletic, GQ Magazine, UAE outlet National and even Sony Sports Network Asia.

He is also the founder and editor of the United We Stand fan magazine (fanzine) – an award-winning fanzine that has been published since 1989.

It seems that he wrote something in the latest edition of the magazine that has caused up a storm on social media.

What Started The Mark Goldbridge-Andy Mitten Beef?

In the latest edition of the United We Stand magazine, there is something written about a recent interview that Rasmus Hojlund gave to the United Stand YouTube channel earlier in this campaign.

The United Stand is an accredited organization now, with their presenter Beth often travelling to matches alongside the photographer Ryan.

Beth had actually managed to rope in Hojlund for a post-match interview after the UEFA Champions League clash against FC Copenhagen at Old Trafford.

Soon after that, the relationship grew between the United Stand’s members and Hojlund – who agreed to do a video interview with them in which he spoke of his difficult start at the club, ambitions and more.

Mitten decided to expose what the general feeling around the Manchester United camp was after Hojlund gave the interview to the United Stand.

Mitten noted in the United We Stand magazine columns that: “A couple of Manchester United players asked Rasmus Højlund regarding his decision to give an interview to a YouTube channel which ‘was built on negativity and slaughtering United players’ – he didn’t realise this.”

Of course, considering that the only notable interview Hojlund had given to a YouTube chanel was to The United Stand, it was clear towards whom the finger was being pointed out in this case.

Rather than avoid the topic and let the storm brew down, Goldbridge doubled up and decided to respond on Twitter.

What Did Mark Goldbridge Say To Andy Mitten?

Goldbridge is currently not only working as part of The United Stand but has his personal ventures too, like hosting his own podcast, being a Talksport Pundit and his own YouTube channels – with the MarkGoldbridge channel having 343,000 subscribers and the ‘That’s Football’ channel having over 1.1 million subs.

He decided to clear out the air on his own side about the interview, claiming that the club’s representatives knew all about it and it took many months to organize.

Goldbridge also took a dig at Mitten, tweeting: “Jealousy always seems to burn brightest on a Sunday lol! So, that interview took months to put together. Everyone in the club was aware, the player and others were doing media on a training day at Carrington, we were there all morning. If anyone wanted to stop it they could of.”

He added: “A list is given to players and the manager each week of media commitments. They all know what’s going on. I’m sure there are some players who dislike the United Stand but guess what. There’s players in the dressing room who dislike each other too.”

To his credit, Mitten has not spewed more fire into this beef by replying to any of Goldbridge’s comments or the snide remarks made about him for him calling out The United Stand.

He has, although, received quite a lot of support from United fans on Twitter, mostly because of how beloved he is for his dignified personality and unquestionable passion and dedication for the club.

Fans have called out Goldbridge and The United Stand for trying to beef with an honest and respectable journalist like Mitten – who probably has more knowledge about the club and its history than anyone associated with The United Stand.

Goldbridge also triggered some fans with his heated interaction with journalist Alex Turk.

Turk took a dig at Mark for pushing for the club to sell Marcus Rashford to which he replied: “Don’t want Rashford or Bruno to go. You just keep pushing your fake lies and agenda pal. Negative Stand that backs the manager, backs the players. And you think you’re a journalist. Rule one, do your research.”

The United Stand’s members have been quite critical of Rashford’s performances this season. Goldbridge recently also hinted at his desire to see Bruno and Marcus be sold, making himself look a bit of a hypocrite with this exchange.

Considering how unbothered Andy Mitten seems about this entire issue, he is unlikely to feed the hunger for fans to see this (basically) one-sided feud go any further.

Goldbridge is unlikely to see his popularity dampened by this issue, but trying to beef with fellow Manchester United fans and reporters will not do any good to his or The United Stand’s image.