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Leaked 24/25 Arsenal Home Kit Reveals Unexpected Sleeve Stripes

Leaked 24/25 Arsenal Home Kit Reveals Unexpected Sleeve Stripes

Arsenal is amid an exceptional season showcasing an impressive run of form.

Arteta‘s men are currently the second best team in the Premier league and are one of the prime contenders to lift the trophy breaking the 10-year drought.

Moreover, Arsenal also qualified for the round of 16 in the Champions League as their group leaders.

It is just halfway in the ongoing season and Arteta’s men can’t let these expectations get the better of them. They still need to perform consistently before they can focus on the upcoming season.

However, their kit partner has apparently already moved on as they have started to work on their next season’s releases.

A leaked image on social media gave a glimpse of the reported attire that Arteta’s men might don in the upcoming season.

Arsenal is widely renowned for its iconic red and white kits. The red color shade is a symbol of gratitude for the charitable donation from Nottingham Forest shortly after Arsenal’s foundation in 1886. 

Later in 1933, the white color scheme was introduced under Herbert Chapman as a contrast element. Since then, the red and white color palette has become synonymous with Arsenal F.C.

Apparently, Adidas has continued with the same tradition for next season as well. Even though Adidas has not done something out-of-the-box, they still managed to come up with a decent look for the kit.

As per reports from Footy Headlines, North Londoner’s 2024-2025 home jersey will prominently feature the club’s classic Scarlet hue.

The kit is alleged to be a V-necked one with the shoulders, sleeves, and sides being white-colored.

Similarly, the Adidas logo and the sponsor emblem are expected to showcase a matching white shade.

The Arsenal 24/25 home kit is also speculated to sport a brand-new authentic badge on the left of the shirt. But that is just a speculation till now.

But what stands out is an element of blue that is reported to feature in the kit. If reports are to be believed, the kit will mark a contrasting wavy line motif down the side of the body and it will be in the bluish color shade.

This design is inspired by the Adidas 2006 World Cup Teamgeist jerseys. Moreover, the kit will also incorporate a triple stripe design in the same shade of blue that will extend from the collar up to the end of the sleeves.

For some Gunners supporters, this kit design can evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The kit design for 24/25 is based on a similar design template used in their 1999/2000 home kit when a certain young Thierry Henry debuted for the Gunners in those shades.

But Adidas can’t be really patted for their efforts here. It’s not as if they have entirely revolutionized the design.

While a small group of fans have shown appreciation and support, the majority have taken to social media to express their dissent about the blue stripes.

They’ve pointed out the uncanny resemblance between the alleged Arsenal home kit with that of Leeds United‘s 20/21 home kit. Despite being prominently white, the similar blue stripes on the shoulders certainly validate their claim.

Others have highlighted that the blue stripes in Arsenal’s kit have made it strikingly similar to Real Madrid‘s home kit from the 21/22 season.

In 2021/22, Real Madrid went on to win the La Liga, Champions League and Spanish Super Cup.

Did Adidas try to replicate their shirt in order to mirror Real Madrid’s success, or does Adidas simply possess a peculiar fondness for the blue stripes? Only Adidas holds the answer to this question.

However, Arsenal fans need not panic about it just yet. The design is just an assumption and is solely based on leaked reports. The release for the Adidas Arsenal 2024-25 home shirt is expected to be available during June and July 2024. Until then, it’s all just speculation.