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Arsenal fans claim media bias after Tottenham’s woeful away record comes to the fore

Arsenal versus Tottenham. It’s an age-old battle that never ceases to disappoint. The hatred that both sets of fans have for each other is tangible, and given the history that these two clubs share, it is understandable. And to add fuel to the fire, the recent debate of a “power shift” in North London has just set up a media battle for the ages.

Ever since Pochettino took over as the manager for Spurs, things have been positive for them, with the team performing consistently under the Argentine. But, with no trophies to show for all the good things going on at Spurs, Pochettino is yet to prove himself. This season especially, Poch has defied all odds, guiding Spurs to the semi-finals of the Champions League and looking solid to secure top 4 in the league, considering they were the only team not to sign any player in the summer.

For Arsenal, however, ever since their move to the Emirates, things haven’t looked as promising as the fans would’ve imagined. In that time, the Gunners have failed to win the Premier League and their performances against the big clubs in the league and in Europe have been uninspiring. Arsenal are a pretty good team at home, but it’s their away form that raises eyebrows. In recent seasons, their away form has been abysmal, to say the least, going away and returning bruised and fruitless.

It is this run of bad away days for the Arsenal, that has brought them into the spotlight, for all the wrong reasons. It has been the talk of the town in recent seasons, under the WengEra and currently, under Unai Emery. The Gunners have lost 6 and drawn 4 away this season, out of 16 away trips in the league, which is not the best, but not as bad as last season’s 11 losses and 4 draws away from home.

This is something that is close to the Gooners, who feel hard done by when their club is shown in a bad light when talking about away form. What infuriates them more is the media considering Spurs (or any other team for that matter), to be flawless. Stats show that Tottenham too have a poor away record since the turn of the year. But with far fewer people talking about it, Arsenal fans sense a media bias with regard to Spurs’ away record, which is not too different from the Gunners’.

Given Arsenal’s and Tottenham’s away records, is there really a media bias towards Spurs?


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Spurs fan produces concept kits for next season – and they are insane

There are a lot of factors that football fans love about their clubs and football in general. The style of play, the history of their club, the rivalries in the game, the success of their clubs, the support they provide and a lot more. But one aspect that must not be overlooked is the kits that the players don during the season.

It is quite surprising how kits have become integral to the game. The designs for them have revamped over the years and will continue to improve with advancements in technology.

When seasons come to a close, most clubs give the fans a gist of the kits for the next season, with players wearing the new kits for the final games of the current season.

Not to mention, throughout the second half of the season, social media is laden with rumors and speculation about the kits for the upcoming season. This, paired with fans designing concept kits for their clubs, give the footballing community a spectacle to feast their eyes upon.

Social media was recently introduced to a Spurs fan’s mock-up kits for the 2019-20 season. The fan designed the concepts using Adobe PhotoShop and produced three variants for the kits – home, away and third.

The home kit featured the traditional Spurs colors, with a classy retro design, with a white top and blue shorts, with the collars and sleeves having blue accents.

The away kit featured an all blue look, with white accents on the logo, sleeves, and collarbones. All black and purple accents were the looks for the third kit, which is reminiscent of Spurs manager Pochettino’s look on virtually all matchdays.

The fan’s work was well appreciated and adored, with some fans even suggesting that Tottenham should consider these designs for the upcoming season.

With technology aiding fans in realizing their concepts for kits for their favorite clubs, should clubs be looking at the fans’ designs for their future kits, rather than sticking to the rarely eye-catching templates of the kit sponsors?

Would you be happy to see these Spurs concept kits become a reality next season? Needless to say, these concepts are a mouth-watering prospect. Here are some other cool concept designs :

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Bars and pubs around the world go mental after Tottenham progressed to the CL semi-finals

If you’re a Tottenham fan in this moment, you must be on top of the world. What a time to be alive! Through to the semi-finals of the Champions League against the odds, Spurs really did their fans and themselves proud, as they overcame favorites Manchester City over two legs of their quarter-final.

City were still favorites to progress despite their 1-0 first-leg loss away at Tottenham. Heung-min Son scored the winner that night. Cut to a week later, these two sides produced a Champions League classic as City won 4-3 on the night, but Tottenham progressed on the away goals rule after a 4-4 aggregate scoreline.

The game was full of drama, emotions and controversy, which saw the first half end 3-2 in favor of City, with all goals coming within the first quarter of the game. Son bagged two in the absence of the injured Kane, while Sterling (2) and Bernardo Silva got the City goals. Sergio Aguero lashed City into a 4-2 lead in the second half, which would’ve been enough to see them through, but Llorente’s goal meant City had to score another.

VAR played a major role in the game, disallowing a stoppage-time winner for City for offside and allowing Llorente’s goal to stand after a suspicion of handball. But that didn’t get in the way of celebrations for Spurs and their fans. At the full time whistle, Spurs fans went into delirium. Spurs manager Pochettino was seen passionately celebrating with his coaching staff and later on with his players. Spurs ecstatic, City shattered. Football is cruel indeed.

It wasn’t just fans from the stadium that went berserk, fans all around the world watching the game on TV coverage were ecstatic at the final whistle. Social media flooded with videos of fans celebrating the triumph in various locations such as Dublin, New York, L.A, Philadelphia to name a few.

Spurs fans watching the game from bars, pubs, screenings and their households were drowned in ecstasy. Singing, dancing, screaming: the celebrations knew no bounds. It really is a joy to watch, for Spurs fans at least. And why wouldn’t it be?

Tottenham look the real deal and are not to be trifled with or underestimated. How good are Spurs, given that they brought in no one in the summer and are now through to their first ever UEFA Champions League semi-final?



Moussa Sissoko asserts his authority after Huddersfield player shoves Juan Foyth

The transfer of Moussa Sissoko to Spurs from Tyneside raised a lot of eyebrows. Having been a mainstay at Newcastle, he made the move to Tottenham post the Magpies’ relegation in the 15-16 season. The versatile midfielder seemed to have made a good move when he joined Spurs.

But Sissoko’s time at Tottenham is puzzling. He made a disappointing start to life at Spurs. His second season saw him get a long run of games due to injuries in Spurs’ midfield. Often frustrating fans with lacklustre performances and at the same time exciting fans with his industrious play, Sissoko’s time at Spurs has seen highs and lows.

But of late, the Frenchman seems to have gotten it together, performing consistently when his team needed him the most. Putting in solid performances and becoming the engine of Spurs’ midfield, Sissoko’s latest act in the game versus Huddersfield has got the fans on his side alright!

Sissoko can be seen on TV coverage reacting to a Huddersfield player shoving Juan Foyth after they were awarded a free-kick. Terriers’ number 7 Juninho Bacuna was attempting to retrieve the ball for the free-kick with his side trailing 2-0. Spurs defender Foyth was inadvertently obstructing the path between Bacuna and the ball and was shoved out of the way by Bacuna out of sheer frustration.

This did not sit well with Sissoko, who was in the vicinity as this event unfolded. Standing up for his teammate, Sissoko fought fire with fire by shoving Bacuna away, cheered by fans as he did so.

For the fans who witnessed it, it was a moment to savor. It pumped up the players and fans alike to see Sissoko have Juan’s back. Who doesn’t love a teammate who fights for another; who fights for the team? After Moussa’s lionhearted support and Lucas’ heroics on the ball, Spurs went on the demolish relegated Huddersfield 4-0.

It really is invigorating to see teammates back you no matter what the circumstance. Knowing that your teammates are always by your side gives you a certain level of pride, power, and responsibility. It’s what makes a group of players, a team.


Reddit user’s concept kit based on the new Tottenham stadium is absolutely class

Football kits are a huge part of being a supporter of a club. Fans wear the kits with pride to show which club they represent and support. It gives them a sense of belonging. The fans in return expect the kit sponsors to provide them with kits that represent the club they live and breathe.

Nike has been under fire of late. Fans have been accusing them of recycling the same designs over and over again.

With major kit sponsors like Nike disappointing fans, concept kits really are a breath of fresh air.

Concept kits is a phenomena which has been around for some time now. Fans with graphic designing ability showcase their kits and although a lot of these designs are bizarre or outrageous, some of the kits truly capture the essence of the club.

Spurs recently moved into their new home, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. They waited for the new stadium for almost two years to get completed but the end result was worth the wait. The outside of the new stadium is dominated by the LED panels. The panels surround the stadium and look absolutely magnificent.

A Redditor has paid homage to the new stadium by creating a concept kit that highlights the same panel design.

Have a look at this beautiful kit:

A kit I made in tribute to the new stadium from coys

The Spurs faithful can only hope that this concept turns into reality for them, with some users ready to throw money at it right away. To be fair to them, who wouldn’t?


Tottenham superstar’s crazy ice cream ad is something else

Possibly the Premier League’s most underrated player, Son Heung-min seems to be coming into a class of his own with some sensational performances this season, which includes his heroics against Manchester City in the Champions League.

While Son’s name is spreading like wildfire in the football community for his performances on the pitch, a video of an ad that popped up online involving him has just added fuel to the fire; this time for his performances off the pitch.

Son starred in a TV commercial for a Korean ice-cream brand recently, and to put it straight – the video is crazy, peppy and bizzare.

The flashy ad shows Son promoting the Cornetto lookalike, while dancing awkwardly to say the least. Given that Son has been seen celebrating goals with dances similar to the ones in the ad, it’s just puzzling to see Son shake it to the beat so uncomfortably.

With Son’s face literally on the ice-cream wrappers, it is sure to rack up buyers given that he is one of the hottest names in football.

And while the ad is eccentric and borderline cringe-worthy, it really does put a smile on the viewer’s face.




A female Liverpool supporter gatecrashed the Spurs end – trolled City fans while she was at it

There’s a new rivalry budding in English football, and it involves two of the Premier League’s most lethal teams. With Liverpool and City going toe-to-toe against each other in the title race and with both teams desperate to be crowned champions, there’s every chance that this rivalry will be a thing of significance in the future.

Two of the most in-form teams in the league, Liverpool lead the Citizens by two points, who have a game in hand over the Reds. Given that both clubs have a fairly similar run-in in the league in terms of difficulty, fans are left wondering who will make a mistake and hand the title over to the other. It really is that close to call.

But, while the title tensions are kept to one side, both sets of fans are at their usual best to taunt and troll each other.

And while fans take pop-shots at each other in what can only be described as hilarious to everyone else watching, it also serves as a reminder to most that all the banter is based on past and present events. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk too.

Top notch banter at the Spurs-City game, from a Reds fan:

Take a look at the latest comeuppance of such banter from a Liverpool fan who was at Tottenham’s new stadium to watch their UCL game against City.

The video shows the female Reds supporter at Tottenham’s end trolling the City fans during the game. She is seen showing off the Liverpool badge on her top, while gesturing proudly with her outstretched palm, a.k.a “giving it” to the City fans that Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times. She is also seen verbally mentioning it , with a smirk on her face.

City lost their first leg match 1-0 at Spurs, while Liverpool won theirs 2-0 at Anfield against Porto.

With things in the league reaching melting point for these two clubs and their contrast in fortunes in the CL, there’s surely a lot more in store from a footballing and a jocular perspective.

While this show of witticism and undying support from a fan has got the Liverpool fans laughing, will City have the last laugh come the end of the season?


Watch: Spurs fans reveal belter of a new chant trolling Arsenal after Man City win

It was Spurs who came out on top in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final tie vs Manchester City. Spurs won the game one-nil thanks to a 78-minute strike from Heung-Min Son who continues to add his name to the Tottenham folklore by scoring the first ever Champions League goal in Tottenham’s new Stadium.

Hugo Lloris did his bit by saving a Sergio Aguero penalty which was awarded after a VAR decision was made that deemed Danny Rose guilty of a handball while sliding to block a Raheem Sterling shot.

There was a major casualty for Spurs though as Harry Kane suffered an ankle injury that could rule him out for the rest of the season.

It was a great night for Tottenham Hotspur and to add the cherry on top, the supporters revealed a killer new chant to troll rivals Arsenal.

Tottenham and Arsenal have an intense rivalry and although the Gunners were not involved in this tie whatsoever, Spurs supporters still found a way to rub salt in their neighbor’s wounds.


Kyle Walker caught on cam gesticulating to Laporte that Dele Alli “dives all the time”

The year is 2019, and “diving” is well and truly a part of the game. The act of manipulating your movements during tight situations to convince the referee and make it seem as though one has been fouled, is what diving is all about. Most commonly occurring inside the box to obtain a penalty, officials and governing bodies are doing everything they can to curb the “dive” menace.

With all the things going on in the world of football, Dele Alli’s name seems to pop up often when talking about dives, having earned the notorious reputation of feigning fouls at Tottenham.

The latest occurrence in relation to Alli diving came in the first half of the Champions League quarter-final between Tottenham and Manchester City. Dele Alli appeared to go down easily, and this did not set well with Man City right-back, Kyle Walker.

Kyle Walker and Dele Alli in happier times

The former Tottenham player can be seen talking to fellow City defender Aymeric Laporte on the TV broadcast. It appears as though Walker is warning Laporte about Alli’s tendency to dive. He makes a gesture with his hands that resembles a dive, and fans believe that he is mouthing the words, “He’ll dive every time”.

Walker would know a lot about Alli’s tendencies, given that they were teammates at Tottenham before Walker’s departure to City.

Add to this, the dynamic that they are regular starters for England, it’s safe to assume that the next training session for the both of them will be interesting, if not, awkward.

Whether those were his actual words to Laporte, we may never know. But in the whole context of the situation, it seemed to fit the bill that Walker would give his teammate the heads-up.


The BBC commentary for Son Heung-min’s goal against City will make your hair stand on end

When the fixtures for the quarter-finals of the Champions League were drawn, the City-Tottenham tie was probably the most lip-smacking one of the lot.

This was one fixture to keep an eye on, with both teams renowned for their exciting style of play. And after witnessing the game, it’s fair to say that this game did not disappoint.

Spurs were hosting the Citizens in the first ever CL game at their new stadium in the first leg of the tie.

City were given a VAR-assisted penalty in the first-half for a handball by Danny Rose. Aguero’s spot-kick failed to nestle in the back of the net, as Lloris saved the shot to keep the clean sheet intact.

Spurs were given a major injury blow with Harry Kane coming off after a challenge from Delph paired with an unfortunate slip form Kane during the incident.

But the game ended on a high as South Korean superstar Son Heung-min, who epitomized Tottenham’s passion, desire and relentless running scored winning goal with 12 minutes left to play.

He stretched to keep Eriksen’s pass in play, then drove in the box on his left before unleashing a shot under Ederson in goal.

As good as the goal turned out to be, it was BBC London Sports’ commentary for the goal that was even better. BBC’s Nick Godwin took all the emotional shackles off and produced a commentary for the ages.

One cannot do it justice by talking about it, have a listen yourself! It is worth every second, no word of a lie.

Describing vividly the events building up to the goal, which included Eriksen’s searching ball to Son, Son’s desire and athleticism to keep the ball in the field of play and the Korean’s wonderful finish to give Spurs the lead, Godwin’s words are pure gold.

His words quite literally voiced every emotion that Spurs fans experienced in the moment, and we doubt anyone else could’ve done it any better!

There’s something about a commentator going berserk, his voice cracking and the passion they exude through the words they deliver when calling games that really makes watching football on camera coverage that much more exciting and hair-raising. And Nick provided exactly that.

Son’s goal was immaculate, and with Spurs taking a lead and a clean sheet to Manchester for the second leg, City have it all to do to turn the tie around.

And while Son was the hero on the pitch, Godwin’s heroics on commentary were also worth taking note of. Of all the bone-chilling and inspiring commentaries out there, where would this one rank? Here’s a compilation of some memorable commentaries.



Man City ace includes Tottenham and Chelsea men to make his ‘perfect player’ for BT Sport

Does the perfect player exist? To answer that question, we need to define a perfect player. And doing that is probably the hardest task there is because, with all the unique talent that exists in the footballing world, it is almost impossible to define perfection. Tricky situation, isn’t it?

The definition of perfection is opinionated, so it only makes sense to idealize a player that is an amalgam of certain qualities; qualities that are distinctive of other players that one finds appealing.

This is exactly what BT Sport did when they asked Manchester City’s creative midfielder Kevin De Bruyne (KDB) to create his version of a perfect player.

KDB was asked to create the perfect player – and what he served up was special!

The feature is up on YouTube where BT Sport asked KDB to create the perfect player. The player was required to have six specific attributes of a “perfect player”, and De Bryune had to create his perfect player by selecting those attribute from currently active footballers.

The attributes were leadership, vision, mentality, football brain, acceleration and work rate. The Belgian chose his compatriot and club captain Vincent Kompany for his leadership qualities, showering praise on him as he went about creating the perfect player. Sergio Ramos and City teammate Leroy Sane were his choices for mentality and acceleration respectively.

De Bruyne did not shy away from choosing himself for the football brain attribute, and in all fairness to him, we can’t really disagree with that, can we?

The midfield wizard is renowned for his technique and quality on the ball, pinpoint passing accuracy, the weight of pass, and extraordinary understanding of the game.

It was his choice for vision and work rate that caught the eye as he opted for the underrated Christian Eriksen’s vision and the omnipresent N’Golo Kante’s work rate.

Spoken of in high regard for his vision as well, KDB showed a touch of class by praising Eriksen as the Dane made the cut for the perfect player’s vision attribute. It was a gesture of great respect shown by De Bruyne in appreciating another’s talent over one’s own in the same department.

KDB also showed the utmost respect and adoration for Kante as he chose the Frenchman’s work rate over that of fellow club mates, past and present. It was a sign of true professionalism.

And while perfection is something that can be chased but never attained, De Bruyne’s choice of player qualities to create the “perfect” player are pretty darn good, for a player who’s not too bad himself. How good is Kevin De Bruyne and more importantly, how vital is he to City’s aspirations?


Jaw-dropping footage of the 17500-seater South Stand celebrating Spurs’ first goal arrives online

Son Heung-min. Tottenham’s number 7. Spurs fans will remember the South Korean for years to come, as he became the first ever Spurs player to net a goal at the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Widely regarded as the Premier League’s most underrated player, Sonny made history for Spurs in the 55th minute of their game against Palace. Following Eriksen’s pass to the Korean, Sonny shifted to ball to his left foot as he entered the Palace box. His goal-bound effort took a deflection off Palace player Milivojevic, wrong-footing the Eagles ‘keeper Guaita. The ball crept into the bottom right  corner of the goal, and sparked the wild celebrations.

The home fans were in full voice, chanting the famous, “Oh when the Spurs, go marching in…” tune. The stadium was buzzing all game, on what was a momentous occasion for everyone involved with the club. The atmosphere was electric, pre-game fireworks were mesmerizing and Tottenham’s performance was spectacular. What was even more jaw-dropping to watch, was the Spurs fans in the South Stand.

This video shows the monster South Stand, which can house more than 17000 Spurs fans, bouncing and buzzing upon Son’s goal.

The fans were relentless in their celebrations, constantly cheering and chanting in a single, deafening voice, in sheer delight of Son’s goal. And when the stadium announcer shouted Son’s name for the first time ever as a goalscorer at their new home, fans responded with a reverberating cheer.

The fans were absolutely ecstatic and celebrations continued with Eriksen’s neat finish rounding off a dominant display in a 2-0 win against fellow London club Palace. The victory took Spurs to 3rd in table, a point above Arsenal who have a game in hand over Spurs.

Son has since said, “I’m the happiest man alive”. Even he couldn’t believe the atmosphere, noise and support at the new stadium. One could say that Son’s goal took the roof off the place!


If you only see one picture of the Spurs new stadium today, make it this one

The moment that Spurs fans have been waiting the best part of two years for, has finally become a reality. It will go down as a monumental day in the history of the club, having officially moved to their new stadium, the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

The stadium is shaped as an asymmetrical bowl, with stand influences coming from the “Yellow Wall” of Dortmund and an external appearance influenced by Bayern’s Allianz Arena.

The stadium also features a golden cockerel on the roof, which was made from a 3-D scan of the original, including a dent made on it by an air rifle shot from Spurs and England legend, Paul Gascoigne.

The new stadium has a capacity of 62,062, which is the second highest in the league, falling short to Old Trafford’s 75,643 capacity. Tottenham’s temporary home for the last season and the beginning of the current season, Wembley stadium, could house up to 90,000 fans. The playing surface measures 105m by 68m, similar to the dimensions at Old Trafford and Wembley. The stadium is also allocated to host non-football events such as rugby games and music concerts.

Other features include a retractable pitch, an in-house bakery, a microbrewery, Michelin star dining, a SkyWalk attraction, ample parking spaces, higher seating capacity for disabled fans and much more.

Unveiled with a flamboyant display of fireworks, the stadium is a thing of beauty. Simply put, the Tottenham Hotspur stadium is just breathtaking look at.

It is a masterpiece in architectural design and engineering that has raised a lot of eyebrows, for all the right reasons. One cannot do enough justice to this spectacle by simply describing it.

And if there is one photo of the stadium you are going to check out today, make sure it is this one released by the club last night –

Dubbed the “New White Hart Lane”, Tottenham took to their new turf for the first time on April 3, 2019, in a midweek league fixture against Crystal Palace. Son Heung-min made history that night by becoming the first player ever to score at the new stadium, guiding the Lilywhites to a 2-0 in a dominant display, with Eriksen scoring the second. This result also bolstered their push for automatic Champions League qualification, with things looking tight for 3rd and 4th place.

If this result is anything to go by, then the Spurs will be looking forward to playing at their new stadium full-time next season, hoping to attract new signings continuing to play thrill-a-minute football and win silverware that’s been a long time coming.

Everyone associated with the club believes that their new home will “spur” them on to achieve greater heights.


Tottenham fans sang ‘auf wiedersehen’ to Dortmund supporters as the clock ticked down at Signal Iduna Park

Tottenham Hotspur wrapped up a completely professional performance here at the Signal Iduna Park as they beat Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund 1-0.

A solitary goal from Harry Kane was good enough to see Spurs march through to the quarterfinals of Europe’s biggest club competition.

The North London side came into the game with a 3-0 lead from the first leg after a stunning display back at Wembley but still needed to be professional to avoid any slip-ups against the youthful Dortmund side.

It was the German side who started the game in front foot and launched a series of attacks at Hugo Lloris’ goal.

Dortmund Skipper Marco Reus could be the one to break the deadlock with as little as ten minutes on the clock but a stunning challenge from Jan Vertonghen kept the German at bay.

Tottenham hardly had any sniff at the Dortmund goal as the Germans continued to apply rampant pressure and kept creating dangerous chances.

A fiery volley from Reus took a wicked deflection and missed the target much to the relief of a Hugo Lloris before the Frenchman made some stunning saves to deny Die Borussen.

The second half started in the same manner with the German side on the thick of the action but once again they failed to be decisive in front of the goal.

And on the 48th minute, against the run of play, Sissoko found Kane in acres of space and threaded a ball through the Dortmund defence which apparently looked switched off for a moment.

The Spurs skipper once again proved how lethal he can be in front of the goal as he slotted the ball past Roman Burki with ease.

Kane’s goal virtually killed the contest and the North London side held on to the lead to earn back to back clean sheets against the German side.

Towards the end of the match some of the Dortmund fans decided to leave the stadium early and the travelling Spurs fans didn’t hesitate to pick on them.

In a clip that is doing rounds online, the Spurs fan can be heard to chant ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ ( roughly translates to goodbye in English ) while waving the Germans farewell.

Have a look at it here.



Display against Dortmund was exactly the kind of masterclass Tottenham fans needed in their life

The last few weeks have been tough for Tottenham fans. An early return for local hero Harry Kane after sustaining a ligament injury against Manchester United back in January did result in a goal but Mauricio Pochettino’s side weren’t able to take full advantage of their talisman’s return and were beaten 2-1 away from home by an in form Burnley side.

The following weeks were no better as they lost 2-0 at Stamford Bridge against a struggling Chelsea team, and were lucky to force a 1-1 draw against North London rivals Arsenal thanks to the 91st minute penalty save by captain Hugo Lloris.

Next challenge for Tottenham: playing against the Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund in front of the Yellow Wall of Signal Iduna Park in the Champions League.

Dortmund themselves are victims of a poor form having drawn 3, won 1 and lost 1 of their last 5 matches. Even though Tottenham had a 3-0 lead from the first leg in Wembley, the home team were expected to make things tough for the London side.

As expected Dortmund started strong by dominating possession, passing the ball well and pressing high, not giving Tottenham players any time on the ball. With their talisman Marco Reus returning from an injury, having missed the first leg, Dortmund seemed favorites to break the deadlock. But the well disciplined Tottenham defense made it impossible for the German side to get a clear shot at goal.

The 5 man defense retained their shape throughout the game. Vertonghen and Sanchez matched Jadon Sancho’s pace and managed to keep the English youngster quiet for the entire match. The incredible Tottenham defense put in 17 tackles throughout the game with a 70.6% win ratio. A stunning performance.

Spurs defense against Dortmund from coys

And few of the attacks that did manage to get past the defensive line, couldn’t beat Hugo Lloris. The French international put in a man of the match performance making 5 crucial saves in the first half itself, bagging his 100th clean sheet for Tottenham.

Harry Kane’s 48th minute goal ensured a quarter final place for the English side and made him Spurs’ top scorer in European competitions. Favre’s men put up an impressive performance, but the young and energetic side were no match for the mature and experienced Tottenham team.

Pochettino’s tactics proved to be on point and gave Dortmund no chance to pull a huge comeback they would have hoped to make. Tottenham truly pulled off a defensive masterclass and gave a performance their fans were dying to see. This game surely has uplifted the team’s morale and has proved that Tottenham are a force to be reckoned with in Europe.


Arsenal fans’ dislike for all things Tottenham was on full display after Aaron Ramsey’s goal

When it comes to dispute, there are two ways to go about it – All or Nothing.

Take the example of Hans Island, which is basically a large rock located in a wide channel of water separating Canada and Denmark. The island is contested over in a manner never seen before in terms of disputed territories. It all started when Canada left a bottle of Canadian Whiskey on the island and declared the territory. Denmark, in turn, responded by leaving a bottle a Peach Schnapps on the island and declaring the territory Danish. This is an example of the “Nothing” approach.

Exhibit B: The North London Derby – the hotly contested derby between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The North London Derby has an almost Dennis-the-Menace kind of notoriety associated with it. The fixture has never been known to roll the Hans Island way, though.

Here is an example of the “All” approach –

As Aaron Ramsey scored his final derby goal for Arsenal in Saturday’s North London Derby at Wembley, the crowd erupted in a furor.

Arsenal fans went completely berserk as the Welshman breezed through the Spurs defense and rounded off Hugo Lloris to put the Gunners up in the 16th minute.

It was a moment that seemed to reverberate through the crowd of Arsenal fans. Pick any person from the sea of Arsenal supporters at that moment and anyone watching the derby for the first time would be forgiven if they thought that the place looked less like Wembley stadium and more like a warzone.

Arsenal fans’ disdain for the Lilywhites was evident as the sea of supporters rose with an adrenaline rush to jeer and throw jibes at the Spurs supporters.

The drama didn’t end there, however. Hugo Lloris turned savior in the dying minutes of the game as he saved a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang penalty.

The draw left Tottenham in 3rd place, effectively ending their hopes of a title challenge, but did provide some respite to Mauricio Pochettino’s men following two successive away defeats at Burnley and Chelsea.